‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison Back Together – Ex-Boyfriend Talks About TLC Offers

Unexpected stars McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison are giving their relationship another shot. McKayla revealed that the two are back together. Although they are taking their time getting to know each other again. Caelan Morrison has been stepping up and being the father that his children and McKayla need. Hopefully, this time will be different between the Unexpected alums.

Meanwhile, Josh Steers, McKayla Adkins’ ex-boyfriend , isn’t keeping quiet about their relationship. McKayla believed that he was in it for the fame. Josh cleared up any misconceptions about him and his intentions. If he wanted his fame he would’ve accepted offers made by the network. 

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Confirms Breakup

McKayla Adkins dated Josh for about six months. As seen on the show, McKayla said that she met Josh while she was still pregnant with her daughter. However, the two didn’t start talking until after she gave birth. She admitted on the show that he makes her happy.

The Unexpected young mom confirmed that she and Josh Steers are no longer together. The two broke up earlier this month. According to reports, McKayla said, “that getting into a relationship with someone was a huge mistake.” She believed that she “was being used so he could get some sort of following or attention.” Which wasn’t necessarily the truth.

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Caelan Morrison & McKayla Adkins Give Relationship Another Try

Caelan Morrison seems to be a changed man. At least that is what McKayla Adkins is saying. According to McKayla, “he’s proven to me that he really wants to put in some effort and be a good dad and boyfriend.” She confirmed that the two are currently back together and working things out.

However, the Unexpected parents are taking their new relationship slow. McKayla wants to make sure she gets to know the new Caelan Morrison. In a recently aired episode, she said that Caelan is no longer the same person as the one when they started dating. Although, she recently admitted to being “proud of Caelan and where he is now.” She added that “people need to give him more credit.”

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Unexpected TLC: Ex-Boyfriend Josh Steers Addresses Relationship

Josh Steers isn’t staying quiet about his relationship with McKayla Adkins. He addressed everything that McKayla has been saying about him. According to sources, Josh “never wanted a following.” Which is why his social media accounts are set to private. He also made sure that McKayla “didn’t tag me in any Instagram post.”

On the other hand, TLC tried to get Josh to appear on Unexpected. Yet, Josh didn’t want to be a part of the show. He wanted to keep his life private. Josh stated that TLC offered him $500 to appear on the show. The network also offered to pay for his flight and hotel in New York so he could appear on the Tell All. However, Josh declined both offers. It looks like he wasn’t looking for his fifteen minutes of fame when he was dating McKayla.

Unexpected airs every Sunday at 10 pm only on TLC.

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