‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Responds to Caelan Morrison’s Live Stream Video

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins responded to Caelan Morrison’s live video stream. McKayla and Caelan have an on and off-again relationship. After an explosive breakup, Caelan went live online. Now McKayla is standing up for herself and clearing her name with her grandpa by her side. There are always two sides to every story.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Clarifies Live Stream Comments

McKayla Adkins took the stand against Caelan Morrison. The father of her children live-streamed after the two broke up. McKayla had no idea that he was live-streaming. Even though, Caelan said she was blowing up her phone. The Unexpected TLC cast member said that she was calling him because their landlord said they had to figure out which one of them was moving out. Only afterwards she found out he was streaming live.

The Unexpected young mom wasn’t going to move out of her and Caelan Morrison’s house. Since McKayla Adkins said she was the one paying for all the bills. She said that their children started to call that place their home. So, she wanted Caelan to leave. But, he wasn’t going anywhere. Since he said his name was on the lease.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins - Tim

McKayla Adkins Not Comfortable Leaving Kids with Baby Daddy Caelan Morrison

McKayla Adkins wanted to make it clear that she never keeps Caelan Morrison from seeing their two children. According to McKayla, Caelan said that she would keep their kids away from him for no reason. But, McKayla did have a reason. The Unexpected reality star said that she saw videos of him “doing cocaine and dealing drugs.” So, she felt uncomfortable letting him see Timothy and Gracelynn. She doesn’t want her children around that.

What About the Marriage?

The Unexpected alum, McKayla, did tell Caelan Morrison that she would marry him, like he said she did. However, McKayla Adkins said that she wanted to work things out with him for the sake of their children. But, when their relationship wasn’t working out, McKayla thought hard about actually marrying him. Ultimately, she thought that Caelan wasn’t going to be able to make her happy.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison

Unexpected Update: Caelan Morrison Still Cares about McKayla

There has been a lot of back and forth between the Unexpected pair. Caelan Morrison also addressed a few things said about him. He doesn’t deny that McKayla paid for a lot of the bills. However, he claims that he never expected her to pay for everything. He said that she “wanted to do it”. Because, you know, what young single mom doesn’t want to pay for everything.

The Unexpected young dad says he is hurt that he isn’t able to see his kids often. Caelan Morrison said that he’s “used to being in this house waking up with them.” Not being able to do that anymore is affecting him. He said, “how can you take them away from me?”

If the videos of him doing drugs actually exist, then fans know why McKayla is afraid to let Caelan be with the kids alone.

Despite all the drama that is going on between the two, Caelan Morrison said that he still cares for McKayla Adkins. He wants her to know that he will always be there for her. But, it seems like the two are done for good.

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