‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison Focusing on Future – Done with Mckayla Adkins?

Unexpected star Caelan Morrison is seemingly over his relationship with McKayla Adkins for good. He and McKayla recently split up after an argument between the two led her to leave their house with their children. Caelan decided to go live while the whole situation went down. He then spoke out about his behavior and apologized for his actions. But, he is now ready to focus on himself and his children.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins Break up Again

Caelan Morrison and his on and off girlfriend McKayla Adkins recently broke up after a huge fight. Caelan and McKayla have two children together. The Unexpected father said that he hasn’t been able to see his children since he called the cops on McKayla for a wellness check. He said that his worst fear is that his children will think that he wants nothing to do with them. But, that’s not the case.

The Unexpected cast member’s ex-girlfriend McKayla Adkins told her side of their breakup. McKayla said that she was unhappy in the relationship. She felt like Caelan Morrison became too controlling and clingy. According to McKayla, when she went to seek help from a therapist, Caelan would get upset. Causing more issues in their relationship.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison

Unexpected TLC Star Apologizes for Behavior

During the night of their breakup, Caelan Morrison went online and live-streamed the aftermath of their fight. Afterwards, he felt like he was in the wrong for doing that. The Unexpected alum said that he should not have gone live. At the time, he felt like he was in the right to do so.  But, Caelan said that he shouldn’t have said such personal things about his and McKayla Adkins’s personal lives online.

The Unexpected father-of-two apologized for what he said during the live stream. He said sometimes you say things you don’t really mean. Now Caelan is looking towards the future. Even if that means leaving McKayla Adkins behind.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison

Caelan Morrison Moving on from McKayla?

Caelan Morrison found his relationship with his ex-lover McKayla Adkins confusing. He didn’t know why McKayla would keep coming back to him if she was so unhappy. She said that McKayla would tell him that she loves him. But, she would also say that he is the reason why she is going “crazy.” It has been hard for Caelan to keep going through this breakup and makeup cycle.

Now the Unexpected reality star is keeping his past in the past. Caelan Morrison is looking forward to the future. He said that he is done with the past. He also said that it is time for him “to be happy.” It seems like Caelan is ready to move on from McKayla Adkins for good.

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