‘Unexpected’: Mckayla Adkins Picks up New Hobby in Quarantine – See What Single Mom’s Playing with Now

Unexpected star Mckayla Adkins picked up a new hobby while being in quarantine. With the virus lockdown, many people are finding themselves stuck indoors with too much time on their hands. Some people are trying something new. Usually, Mckayla would change her hair when she’s bored. But, since she’s already done that, she thought she would keep busy by learning to play an instrument.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins Shows off Recent Hair Change

Mckayla Adkins is no stranger when it comes to changing up her hairstyles. The Unexpected reality star has dyed her hair many times. Mckayla said in the past that she gets bored quickly with her hair. So, she often likes to switch up the color. Her ex, Caelan Morrison, has seen her have many different hair colors.

But, since Mckayla now has no one to impress and spending more time indoors, she thought it was a great chance to try out a new daring hairstyle. The Unexpected alum recently showed off her new hairdo. Mckayla Adkins dyed a chunk of her locks in the front blonde. While the rest of her hair is black. She thought that her new look resembled the Disney villain Cruella de Vil.

However, her hair isn’t the only change she made while in quarantine. Check out her latest passion.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins

Mckayla Keeps Busy with Newest Hobby

Mckayla Adkins has dealt with a lot over the years. She became a mom of two children at a young age. The Unexpected TLC alum had to put going to school on hold. She even had to deal with an on and off-again relationship with Caelan Morrison. Caelan and Mckayla are no longer together. Now that Mckayla is seemingly in a better place and has more time, she is focusing on something she wants to do for herself.

The Unexpected young mother recently took up a new hobby. There is no better time to try out something new than now. Being in quarantine means everyone has the chance to do things they’ve always wanted to do. For Mckayla Adkins, that activity involved an instrument. See which one she chose in the pics.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins

Unexpected Celeb Mom Shares Progress with Fans

Mckayla Adkins has been teaching herself how to play the ukulele. A week ago, she shared online a video of herself playing the instrument. The Unexpected TV star said that it was “my first time ever playing”. She said that learning how to play is keeping her busy in quarantine. Although, she seems to be a quick learner. Since she sounded pretty good in the videos.

The Unexpected former cast member has been sharing her progress online with fans. In a new video, Mckayla Adkins said, “watch as I progressively get better and speed up”. It’s only been a week and she doesn’t sound bad. Maybe she’ll start a family band with her children one day. But, until then, it looks like she’s going to be a one-woman show.

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