‘Unexpected’: Hailey #2 Outraged Over Not Being Welcomed in Facebook Fan Group

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford got very upset after she was denied joining a social media group for fans of the show. Hailey #2, as Matthew Blevins likes to call her, has been catching a lot of heat from Unexpected fans since she and Matthew started dating. Hailey wanted to join a fan Facebook group to see what was being said about her. However, she was rejected and will have to figure out another in way since there is a good chance she’ll never be a member of the Facebook group using her real name.

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Unexpected – Hailey Tilford Steals Best Friend’s Boyfriend

On the show, Hailey Tilford (Haley #2) revealed to her best friend Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey #1) that her baby daddy was sending her flirtatious text messages. This didn’t sit well with Hailey #1 (Tomlinson). So, she decided to set up her baby daddy Matthew Blevins to find out the truth. 

The Unexpected mother tried to help her best friend catch her boyfriend in a lie. However, knowing that she and Matthew Blevins are currently together it looks like she was just trying to break Hailey #1 and Matthew up. Hailey Tilford and Matthew made their relationship official a few months ago. The two even share a joint Instagram account. 

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Hailey Tomlinson Reveals The Truth

Hailey Tomlinson was heartbroken when she found out that Matthew Blevins was talking to her best friend. As seen on TLC’s Unexpected, she didn’t sleep or eat for three days. Matthew also didn’t talk to Hailey Tomlinson for those three days. It seemed like the two were trying to make their relationship work for their baby. Though, pregnant Hailey posted a video online explaining that Matthew left her for her close friend.

The Unexpected young mom revealed the details behind her break up with Matthew Blevins. In a Youtube video, she stated that Matthew left her two weeks after their child was born. According to Hailey, Matthew told her that he fell out of love with her seven months into their relationship. Yet, she wondered why he didn’t break up with her then. Instead, Matthew put her through unnecessary drama.

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TLC Star Lashes Out At Fan Group 

Hailey Tilford may have ended up with Matthew Blevins in the end, but there is one thing she didn’t get. Approved to a Facebook Unexpected fan club. Hailey wanted to be a part of the group to find out what was being said about her online. But, she was denied. It seems like she didn’t answer the questions needed to join.

The Unexpected TLC star lashed out at a member of the group demanding to be accepted. Although, she wasn’t nice about it.  She wrote, “y’all are fat lazy pigs who are jealous of my sexy ass.” She didn’t stop there. She also wrote that the group was “fishy asf.” According to this group member, Hailey Tilford blocked her soon after. Well, she is definitely not going to be a part of that fan club now.

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