‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins Dumps Hailey Tomlinson For Her Best Friend

Unexpected, on Sunday night revealed Hailey Tomlinson finds out that Matthew Blevins texted and flirted with Hailey’s best friend behind her back. Her friend (who is also has the same first name) shows up to tell her pregnant friend that her baby daddy has sent flirty Snapchats and late night texts. Meanwhile Hailey 1, as Matthew calls her, can’t even get him to answer the phone. An Instagram post reveals that Matthew has now moved on and is with Hailey 2 (aka Hailey Tilford). In a recent video, Hailey revealed details of the dumping and that he left her not long after she had her baby girl.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson Betrayed By Best Friend

On TLC’s Unexpected, 16-year-old Hailey Tomlinson’s expecting a baby girl with her 16-year-old boyfriend Matthew Blevins. On the show, Matthew moved in with Hailey and her mom Tanya after having problems at home. Matthew says he found Hailey innocent, but it was actually her who took his virginity. In fact, she says they took each other’s virginity. Plus, mom Tanya let the couple sleep together in the home. After some problems with her birth control, she turned up pregnant.

On the TLC show, Hailey Tomlinson and baby daddy Matthew Blevins fight a lot and even break up from time to time but quickly get back together. Lately, Hailey finds him distant and not texting or talking to her at much. Her BFF Hailey Tilford often comes over to deliver some not so good news to the Unexpected pregnant teen. Matthew has texted and sending Snaps to her often. And then tells HIaley 2 not to tell Hailey 1.

On Unexpected, Matthew Blevins even texts Hailey 2 while ignoring his baby mama’s call. Hailey Tomlinson demands some answers from her bestie. She starts to cry and says she thinks Matthew likes her and has a crush on her. She questions whether it’s due to her weight gain while pregnant. Best friend Hailey Tilford reveals she sent a picture of a rose tattoo she recently got on her chest. She even shows the picture to Hailey. While the photo was not a nude, it was flirty.

The Two Friends Make a Plan To Set Matthew Blevins Up on Unexpected

The two girls decide to hatch a plan to catch Matthew flirting with Hailey 2. So, the first plan is she get in the trunk and listen to them talk and then crawl out and face him if he says anything disloyal. Hailey Tomlinson points out that she’s pregnant and riding in a trunk probably isn’t a good idea. After driving to his work to pick him up, Matthew Blevins realizes the two are up to no good. On Unexpected, Matthew finds it odd that Hailey Tilford was coming to pick him up and sees that his girlfriend Hailey Tomlinson is also in the car.

On Unexpected, the girls head home after their plan falls apart. They return home and Matthew shows up with his friend Jared. He says his girlfriend is crazy and he needs support. When she confronts him about flirting with the other Hailey, he calls out the fact that she sent a picture of her t*ts. Hailey 2 quickly defends herself that it was an innocent picture. But there’s more to this in real time – because the teen parents are split and Hailey Tomlinson said on YouTube that she hates Matthew Blevins.


Hailey 2 and Matthew Blevins are Instagram Official

You can watch the video from Unexpected mom Hailey Tomlinson below. She details when and why they split and how much he devastated her by running off to be with her former BFF. Part of it seems to be about Hailey Tilford having a car and being able “to buy him things”. It’s simply sad and awful. On the show, Hailey cries and wants to know why Matthew is betraying her much less with her best friend. He passes it off as silly text messages and that he didn’t do anything wrong.

His baby mama demands answers but Matthew is mum. He says he’s leaving and he’s angry they set him up. In an aside he tells producers he probably wouldn’t be with her if she wasn’t pregnant. And warns other young men to be careful and be sure you don’t get stuck with someone you don’t want to be with. That’s in “show time” but in real life the dumping is done and Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins are already Instagram official.

Both their accounts are private but they tag each other in their bios – along with the show name Unexpected. Plus, you can see the pic above where the pair of young cheaters pledge to be together forever…

Instagram Post and New Video Confirms Matthew Left Hailey For Her Best Friend

An Instagram Post from Hailey Tilford (see above) shows her and Matthew Blevins in a tender hands-on post on the beach with the caption that she can’t wait to be with him “for the rest of my life”. Matthew commented back that “the ring will come” one day with an engagement ring emoji. So, it appears the two have made it IG official. And both betrayed Hailey Tomlinson. Tune in Sunday nights at 10 pm on TLC to see more of the drama as this unfolds but now you know what happened with the dumping in real time.

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