‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tomlinson Fight over Hospitalized Sick Baby Kinsley

Unexpected cast members Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tomlinson fought over their sick baby Kinsley over text messages. Soap Dirt previously reported that their daughter is currently in the hospital fighting a virus. However, recent messages revealed that Kinsley is in the ICU and Matthew is nowhere to be found. Some fans wrote online that they expect nothing less from the boy who left his baby mama for her former best friend.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tomlinson At Hospital With Sick Baby

Unexpected star Hailey Tomlinson reported that she is at the hospital because Kinsley, her baby with Matthew Blevins, is sick. Hailey said that Kinsley has RSV, a viral infection in the respiratory system. This virus can either be a simple cold or can get worse and become more life-threatening. Especially in a young baby.

The Unexpected young mom, Hailey Tomlinson, let her daughter’s father Matthew Blevins know that Kinsley is sick and in the hospital. Most parents would rush to be by their child’s side during this scary time. Although, it doesn’t seem like Matthew is in any rush to get to the hospital to be by his daughter’s side.

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Matthew Blevins A No Show

Matthew Blevins didn’t see it necessary for him to be at the hospital. In texts that were shared online, Matthew said that he has other things to do first. Since Kinsley “isn’t dying.” He doesn’t feel the need to rush. Fans wonder what can be more important than seeing your child in the hospital?

The Unexpected young father told Hailey Tomlinson that he is there for his daughter. However, Matthew is “just not at the hospital holding” her hand through it. For Matthew, Kinsley “wouldn’t even know if I was there or not.”

Matthew didn’t want to get a ride with Hailey’s mom. He will only be there if he needs to be there. If it turns critical, then he “will find a way there.”

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Unexpected Fans Not Shocked By Matthew’s Behavior

When these messages between Hailey Tomlinson and Matthew Blevins were released many Unexpected viewers were not surprised by Matthew’s behavior. One fan would’ve “send him one text and leave it at that.” While another fan jokingly said that “pretty soon he’ll have two baby mamas mad at him and Hailey #3 mad at him for not being with her.”

On the other hand, some Unexpected fans speculated why Matthew Blevins wouldn’t go to see Kinsley. Some fans speculate that it could be because Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) would not let not let Matthew go to the hospital. One fan wrote, “what he really means is Hailey #2 won’t let him go.” Another fan wrote, “I’m sure Hailey #2 don’t want him to go cause she’s scared he might look at Hailey #1.”

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