‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: Chloe Mendoza Leaves Family Out Of Plans – Max Schenzel Reveals Addiction

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza decides to leave her family out of her plans. Chloe and her boyfriend Max Schenzel have a one-year-old daughter together. However, their relationship is far from perfect. Chloe’s family doesn’t agree with her relationship with Max. Which is hard for Chloe to deal with.

As for Max, he is dealing with an addiction that he thinks he no longer has. However, the truth comes to light when his dad steps in. Watch as the couple navigates parenthood while dealing with their families on the next season of Unexpected on TLC.

Unexpected Spoilers: Chloe Mendoza Keeps Family In The Dark

Last season Chloe Mendoza had a hard time dealing with the relationship between her boyfriend and her family. Chloe’s mom, Jessica Mendoza, didn’t think that Max respected her daughter. Therefore, Jessica and Max were constantly fighting. This meant that Chloe had to keep a lot of things hidden from her mom. This season it seems like she isn’t telling her family everything that she is doing.

Unexpected spoilers indicate that Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel go apartment hunting. The couple want to move in with each other. However, Chloe’s parents seem to not know about this plan. Max asks Chloe if she told her parents. Chloe replies saying that she told “everyone, but them”. This season on the TLC show it looks like more drama.


Mendoza Family Wants Boyfriend Gone

Chloe Mendoza’s parents don’t think that Max is good for their daughter. Last season, Jessica tried to give Chloe the support she needed to leave her baby daddy. However, Chloe went against her mom’s wishes and stayed with her boyfriend. This season viewers will watch as Chloe tries to keep things civil between her baby’s father and her family. Although it seems like Jessica just wants Max to be out of their life.

Unexpected spoilers explain that Jessica and her husband are not happy with Max Schenzel. Jessica states that “Max is ruining her life.” She wishes that she can just shake her daughter and tell her to “just, like, wake up.” However, Jessica may have her wish come true. Chloe tells Max that if he goes to jail, she’s “not going to wait for” him.

Max Schenzel Lies About Addiction

Max Schenzel has been in trouble with the law a couple of times in the past. Last Summer, he was arrested for allegedly stealing an elderly women’s credit cards. However, he did face the consequences for that crime and he still could be. This season, Max admits that he had a pain killer addiction. Although it seems like this addiction is in his past. His father believes otherwise.

Unexpected spoilers show Max and his father talk about his addiction to a professional. He tells this professional that he was addicted to taking pills. He adds that he is “not currently taking them.” However, his father reveals that his son recently took these pills. His father says “you did two days ago, Max”. Is Matt lying about no longer being addicted? Unexpected returns to TLC on Sunday, August 4 with lots more story to tell.

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