‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins Accuses Hailey Tilford Of Cheating – Is There Also Another Girl?

Unexpected star Matthew Blevins accused Hailey (#2) Tilford of cheating on him. The couple will be having a baby together in the new year. This will be Matthew’s second child. He already has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Hailey (#1) Tomlinson. Now it seems like Matthew is having issues with his new baby mama. Hailey #2 also exposed Matthew for talking to another girl. Will the Unexpected couple be able to get back on good terms before the baby is born?

TLC’s Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Dates Baby Mama’s Best Friend

Matthew Blevins appeared on TLC’s Unexpected with his ex Hailey Tomlinson. Fans watched as Matthew and Hailey welcomed a baby girl, Kinsley Marie. However, once Kinsley was born their relationship started to struggle. He wouldn’t spend much time with his daughter. They two ultimately called it quits. But, now he will once again become a father.

The Unexpected young father then started to date Hailey Tilford. Hailey Tomlinson was not happy to find out that the two were together. But, she had to accept it since they are expecting a baby boy together. Hailey #2 recently shared that she and Matthew will be naming their son Levi Lee Blevins. Though it seems like history may be repeating itself.


TLC Star Calls Hailey Tilford A Cheater

Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford have an on and off-again relationship. Shortly after revealing the pregnancy on the Tell All, the Unexpected duo seemingly ended their relationship. But, they agreed that they would raise their child together. But it didn’t take them long to give their relationship another try. Now it seems like the couple has broken up once again.

The Unexpected reality star took to social media to let fans know where he stands with his current relationship. Matthew Blevins implicated that Hailey Tilford was cheating on him. On a post, he wrote that she is a “cheating whore.” According to Matthew, she was texting a man that she works with for 16 days straight. Since accusing her of cheating, Matthew has got rid of all his pictures on his Instagram profile.

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Unexpected Cast Member Reveals Conversations With Another Girl

Hailey Tilford wasn’t going to let Matthew Blevins call her a cheater. The Unexpected soon-to-be mom shared a screenshot of a conversation between the two. Matthew allegedly spoke to a girl about meeting up with her. However, he stated that the conversation took place while he and Hailey weren’t together. It is clear that their relationship is very complicated.

Some Unexpected fans find the relationship between Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins very confusing. One fan wrote online that they “wonder what trouble is in paradise.” While other fans think that this fight could all be for attention. Another fan pointed out that this fighting can’t be good for the baby. Only time will tell if Hailey and Matthew will get back together.

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