‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford Reveal Gender of Baby

Unexpected stars Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) and Matthew Blevins revealed the gender of their baby. Fans got the pregnancy confirmation they were looking for from the couple during the Tell All. At the tapping of the Tell All, Hailey was eight weeks pregnant. But, now she is seventeen weeks pregnant. The couple allegedly revealed that they were having a boy during a live stream. For fans, it doesn’t matter what the gender is, they expressed their opinions online about the pair having a child together.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Confirms Pregnancy

Unexpected fans have been speculating for months that Hailey Tilford was pregnant with Matthew Blevins’s child. Fans found Hailey pinning baby-related content to her Pinterest. There was even a baby registry found online by a fan. She was also spotted with a baby bump in a picture she shared online. Although, the couple didn’t confirm anything until the Tell All airing date.

Hailey Tilford, after dropping a few hints, finally announced that she is pregnant. The Unexpected cast member posted three pictures. One of the positive pregnancy tests and two ultrasound pictures. The caption said that she and Matthew Blevins didn’t plan this pregnancy. Matthew already has a child with Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey #1). While Hailey #2 was getting ready for college.

Unexpected Star Matthew Blevins and Girlfriend Hint At Baby’s Gender

According to an Unexpected fan, Matthew Blevins and his girlfriend, Hailey Tilford announced on Instagram Live the gender of the baby. The fan said that they announced that the couple is expecting a boy. But, it seemed like Hailey and Matthew did want to keep it a secret. At least until they had a gender reveal party. Nonetheless, Matthew must be happy. Since he already has a daughter.

The Unexpected expecting mother, Hailey Tilford, also gave a little hint of what the baby’s gender is online. She shared an ultrasound picture. She wrote “Mommy loves you so much already. I can’t wait to see you next week.” Hailey also included a blue heart in the message. This could indicate that she is, in fact, having a little boy.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

TLC Fans React To Pregnancy News

Even though many fans already knew that Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford were expecting, they were still glad to get that confirmation. As expected, not many fans were supportive. One fan wrote, “boy or girl, they aren’t ready.” Many viewers believe that Matthew isn’t mature enough to be having another child. Matthew argued with Hailey #1 when he didn’t want to see Kinsley in the hospital. 

On the other hand, Unexpected viewers were pointing out interesting things about this pregnancy. One fan pointed out that  “Hailey #1’s baby was born in April 2019 and Hailey #2’s baby is due April 2020.” A fan responded, “he’ll be back next year with another one.” Another fan noticed that Matthew Blevins added “daddy to be” in his bio. This doesn’t make much sense. Since he is already a father to Kinsley. 

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