‘Unexpected’: CONFIRMED Matthew and Hailey Tilford Having Baby – Hailey #2 Pregnant

Unexpected couple Matthew Blevins and Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) have some big news to share on the Tell-All. Many fans have been speculating that Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins are expecting. Many clues of their pregnancy have been found online. It also appears that Hailey #2 is seen with what appears to be a baby bump in a recently shared picture on her social media profile. However, fans will have to wait to find out if the big news the couple shared on the Tell-All Part Two involves a bun in the oven.

UPDATE: Since this article published, Hailey Tilford confirmed the pregnancy. Latest info at end of article.

TLC’s Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Leaves Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey #1)

Matthew Blevins and his ex-girlfriend Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey #1) were dating for a couple of years before welcoming their daughter into the world. Fans saw on Unexpected when Hailey gave birth to their daughter Kinsley. However, their relationship quickly went downhill. Shortly after giving birth, Matthew broke up with Hailey.

As seen on Unexpected, Matthew Blevins started to date Hailey Tomlinson’s best friend Hailey Tilford. Hailey #1 found out that they were a couple by seeing a picture of the two together online. Matthew also started to hang out with Hailey #2 more often. This upset Hailey #1. As a new mom, she needed help from taking care of Kinsley from Matthew.


Unexpected: Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) Gives Pregnancy Hints Online

Hailey Tilford has has Unexpected viewers wondering if she is pregnant. Fans noticed that Hailey was pinning baby-related posts to her Pinterest account. According to fans, it looked like she was getting ready to make a pregnancy announcement. A picture of Hailey’s baby registry was also circulating the internet. Which got many fans talking. Although, it is not clear if the registry is even real.

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins - Hailey Tilford

The Unexpected reality star sparked the rumors again with her recent Instagram post. Hailey Tilford took to the internet to share a picture of herself and Matthew Blevins at a wedding. Hailey’s stomach looked like she could be pregnant with a baby bump. The couple has not officially confirmed the pregnancy but said they have a “big surprise” that they will be sharing at the Tell-All.


TLC Couple Reveals Shocking News

Matthew Blevins and his current girlfriend Hailey Tilford did show up to the Unexpected Tell-All together. However, Hailey #2 was not on stage at first with Matthew. When Hailey #2 came out on stage she was ready to share some news. But only “if Matthew is comfortable sharing it.” It is not known what was shared. But, if the speculations are correct, it is probably a pregnancy announcement. 

The Unexpected TLC reality couple seemed to have revealed some surprising news at the Tell-All. Unexpected spoilers for next week’s episode show the host asking Hailey Tilford if she has anything she wants to share. She says “haters are about to start hating.” The news was very surprising to the girls that were watching backstage.

Update Below:

Hailey Tilford confirmed that she is having a baby with Matthew and released images of her pregnancy tests. At the time of the Unexpected Tell-All, she would have been eight-weeks pregnant.

TLC Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Pregnant

In her online baby announcement, she said that “Baby Blevins” is due in 2020. Hailey #2 said she is scared, overwhelmed, happy and nervous. She admits it wasn’t planned and that it has put her plans for college on hold.

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