‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Gives Baby Update – Reveals Name of Matthew Blevins’s Baby Boy

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) gave fans an update on her and Matthew Blevins’s baby. She also spoke about the meaning behind the name they chose for their son. The relationship between the two has been far from perfect. Matthew already has a child with Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey #1). Now he will be welcoming another child with his on and off again girlfriend Hailey #2. Whether they are together or not, they plan on raising their child as a team.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins Expecting A Boy

Hailey Tilford was good friends with fellow Unexpected castmate Hailey Tomlinson. But, that all changed when she started to date Hailey #1’s baby daddy, Matthew Blevins. Not long after Hailey #2 and Matthew made their relationship official she became pregnant. Yet, they weren’t able to confirm anything since the show was still airing. At the Tell All, Matthew and #2 broke the news to viewers that she and Matthew are expecting.

Back in November, the Unexpected reality star also shared on social media that she and Matthew Blevins will be welcoming a little bundle of joy. The pair are expecting Baby Blevins in April. Matthew and Hailey Tilford were trying to keep the gender a secret. But, in the end, they revealed that they will be having a boy. Now Matthew will have a daughter and a son.

Hailey #2 Shares Baby Update

Hailey Tilford recently shared an update on Baby Blevins online. She wrote in an Instagram post that her baby was active and could not keep his hands and feet out of his face. It may be hard to see the baby’s facial features on an ultrasound picture. But, the Unexpected mom-to-be pointed out that her baby “definitely ” has his daddy’s lips.

The Unexpected TV star also hinted at the name of her and Matthew Blevins’s son. In the post, Hailey Tilford referred to the baby as “Baby L.” It is clear that the baby’s name will start with an “L.” Though, she didn’t keep fans guessing possible names for long.

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Unexpected Cast Member Explains Meaning Behind Name

Hailey Tilford took to the internet to tell Unexpected fans what she will be calling her baby. She and Matthew Blevins is naming their baby “Levi Lee Blevins.” Matthew and #2 supposedly love the name. Many fans thought that the name was cute. However, some fans weren’t sure how they came up with the name.

The Unexpected TLC cast-mate didn’t like that fans were questioning the name of her baby. Hailey Tilford said that those who are leaving hate comments on her post should “keep it to yourself.” She then explained the meaning of the name she chose. She said that “Lee” is her brother’s name. Naming her son after her brother means a lot to her. According to her, Matthew and she will not let other people’s opinions change theirs.

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