‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza Not Supporting Max Schenzel’s Recovery – Bullied By Boyfriend’s Dad

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza shared online that she felt she was being bullied by Max Schenzel’s dad, Todd Schenzel. A mix up on who is taking Max to his drug test caused Chloe to believe she was being pushed around by Todd. She agreed to drive Max to his job interview. Yet, Todd thought she was taking him to his drug test as well. The argument between Chloe and Todd left Todd feeling like Chloe is not supporting Max. Instead, she is holding him back. You can see them on TLC at 10 pm Sundays.

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Disagrees With Therapy

On the recent episode of TLC’s Unexpected, Chloe Mendoza mentioned that Max Schenzel can be facing jail time if he fails another drug test. To help keep him on the right track, his father Todd Schenzel suggests seeing a therapist. So, Max sets up an appointment with a therapist. Chloe doesn’t agree with his decision to see a therapist. 

Chloe Mendoza expressed on the TLC show Unexpected that the idea of Max Schenzel going to therapy is not necessary. She said that Max is doing well in his recovery and doesn’t need therapy. It seems like she thinks that Max doesn’t need help because he doesn’t take drugs anymore. Max’s father, Todd, sees this as her not supporting his son during his recovery.


Max Schenzel Gets Help From Girlfriend

According to Chloe Mendoza’s Instagram story, Max Schenzel recently had a job interview. The interview took place near Chloe’s school. So, she offered to help Max out and drive him to his interview since she had a three-hour break. Max getting a job is another way for him to show his girlfriend that he is trying to get his life together for their daughter.

The Unexpected first-time father has to take drug tests every month as a part of his probation. The day his job interview took place was also on the same day he had to take a test for drugs. Although, it was unclear to both Chloe and Max’s father Todd which of them would take him.

Unexpected - Chloe Mendoza - Instagram

Todd Schenzel Wants Son’s Girlfriend Gone

Then, Todd Schenzel questioned Chloe Mendoza in a text message about taking his son to the drug testing place. He wrote, “if you care about him you will”. Chloe felt like it’s not her job to have to drive him. She didn’t want to take Max because she said the place was out of her way. According to Chloe, Todd Schenzel tried to bully her into doing something she didn’t want to do. She wrote to Todd, “stop trying to make me feel bad”.

The Unexpected reality star expressed that he just wants Chloe to leave Max Schenzel alone. In the text message Todd wrote, “why don’t you just stay away.” So, he added that “all you’re doing is enabling him and preventing him from moving forward.” Thus, Todd doesn’t think Chloe is doing any good for his son. Catch all-new episodes every Sunday at 10 pm on TLC.

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