‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza’s Mom Jessica Bowman Too Controlling – Fans Think So

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza’s mother Jessica Bowman may have a control issue. At least that is what fans believe. Jessica doesn’t want to have to deal with her daughter’s boyfriend Max Schenzel. Therefore, she has rules Chloe must follow to keep Max out of Jessica’s life. Unexpected fans discussed online that Jessica’s treatment towards Max and her daughter is very controlling. Is Jessica being a little too controlling — or is she only looking out for Chloe’s best interest?

Unexpected Update: Chloe Mendoza Stuck In The Middle of Baby Daddy and Her Mom

Chloe Mendoza hasn’t had an easy time on Unexpected since giving birth to her daughter Ava. Her family doesn’t like her baby’s daddy Max Schenzel. Since Max isn’t allowed in Chloe’s parents’ house, Chloe feels like she is stuck raising Ava on her own. She also feels like she had to choose between her now ex-boyfriend and her family. However, Chloe chooses to stay with her family because they offer a lot of help with Ava. Now, it appears like Choloe and Max have broken up.

In the last episode of Unexpected, Chloe Mendoza decided to invite the dad, Max Schenzel, to their daughter’s baptism. However, she honors her mother’s wishes and tells Max that he cannot talk to her family. He also can’t sit near them. So, Max and his father sat in the back of the church while his daughter was baptized. This didn’t play well with Max.


Jessica Bowman Sets Boundaries for Max and Chloe

Jessica Bowman made it clear on Unexpected that she doesn’t like Max Schenzel. If it was up to Jessica, Chloe wouldn’t be dating him. Last season, Jessica tried to get Chloe to leave him. However, that didn’t happen last season. Chloe Mendoza decided back then to stay with her boyfriend. Which lead Jessica to set boundaries to avoid having to deal with Max. Now the two have split, viewers can expect to see even more problems when their split airs on TLC.

Chloe’s mother, Jessica, has always had boundaries with it comes to Max Schenzel on TLC’s Unexpected. Jessica made it clear to her daughter that she doesn’t want the baby-daddy in her house. That means Chloe Mendoza must bring Ava to Max’s house so she can see her dad, which is hard on the young mother. Jessica also told her daughter that she doesn’t want Max to ever speak to her, and now she may have gotten her way.

Unexpected Watchers Discuss Control Issue

Unexpected viewers of the TLC show have noticed that Jessica Bowman can be controlling when it comes to Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel. One fan expressed that Jessica “never got to be a teen and wants to find something in life she can control”. While another fan stated, “not sure who your mother thinks she is, but fathers have rights”. The fan added that “they aren’t for you and your mother to decide”.

Some Unexpected followers think that Jessica Bowman only wants what is best for Chloe. However, they don’t like how Jessica goes about things. It makes her look like she has a control issue. One viewer felt that “she has the right intentions, but comes off so smug like she’s better”. These viewers feel like Jessica doesn’t have to be so controlling to prove a point.

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