‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel No Longer Together? – Did Jessica Bowman Break Them Up?

Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza changed her relationship status on social media. It says on Chloe’s Facebook profile that she is single. There is a possibility that she and Max Schenzel are no longer together. Chloe’s mom Jessica Bowman made it known to her daughter that Max isn’t good for her. She tried to distance Max Schenzel from her family as much as possible. Maybe Chloe has finally decided to listen to her mom and end their relationship. With Chloe changing her status, could Jessica be the reason why Max and Chloe broke up?

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TLC’s Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza Is Single

Chloe Mendoza only has one thing on her mind. Her one-year-old Ava. As a young mom, she had to give up a lot as seen on Unexpected. However, she didn’t give up her education. This year Chloe graduated from high school. She revealed online that she did it for her daughter. It looks like she may have given up one more thing. Her boyfriend Max Schenzel.

The Unexpected reality star made a big change to her online presence. Chloe Mendoza modified her relationship online to currently single. When Chloe changed her status to “single” on Facebook fans started to wonder what happened between her and Max Schenzel. However, she has not confirmed if they are broken up or not. 

Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza - Facebook

Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Out Of The Picture

Max Schenzel found himself in trouble with the law when he was charged with stealing an elderly woman’s purse while she was sleeping. He stole more than $500 cash and two credit cards from this lady. It was reported on Soap Dirt that the Unexpected star was sentenced to spend three months in jail. Also, he had to complete numerous requirements.

The Unexpected young dad doesn’t appear often on Chloe Mendoza’s Instagram profile. The last time she posted an image that included her boyfriend was back in February. Max is also missing from the pictures she posted from prom. Chloe posted a picture captioned “sorry, but I had the best dates.” The picture included her daughter Ava and her prom date. Max was nowhere to be seen.

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Sorry but I had the best dates.

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Jessica Bowman Wish Comes True

Jessica Bowman didn’t agree with her daughter’s relationship with Max Schenzel. She believed that he was nothing but trouble. When her granddaughter Ava was born, she didn’t think Max was a good father. Jessica doesn’t even allow Max into her house. She also doesn’t even want him to ever speak to her or anyone in her family. Was Jessica successful in breaking up Chloe and Max?

The Unexpected grandmother tried to get Chloe Mendoza to leave Max. She made it difficult for Chloe to be with him. However, many fans believed that Jessica Bowman was being very controlling. Jessica wished that her daughter would break up with Max. Now it seems like Jessica’s wish may have come true.

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