‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Gets New Job as Caretaker for Veteran

Unexpected star Max Schenzel revealed online that he has a new job. Max shared that he has been working as a caretaker. He has been caring for an elderly man who served in the military. With this job, Max seems to be taking another step in the right direction in his recovery. Having a job that involves helping others has been rewarding for him. Hopefully, he can continue to take the necessary steps to stay sober. However, it won’t be easy. 

TLC’s Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Focuses On Fitness

Last season of Unexpected on TLC, Max Schenzel dealt with a drug addiction that he didn’t think he had. He then found himself spending a month in rehab after failing a drug test. However, after his time in rehab, he has seemingly been doing much better. He has been focusing on being a father to his daughter, Ava. Max also announced that he is back together with Chloe Mendoza. Chloe probably has taken notice of the positive changes Max made in his life.

The Unexpected reality celeb has been focused on his health and fitness. He often shares his progress in the gym on social media. Max Schenzel recently shared his progress on his back muscles on Instagram. He captioned the post, “to whoever invented deadlift and bent-over row, thank you.” It seems like Max is doing well and focused on his sobriety. But, will he be able to stay sober?

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Back progress🤘to who ever invented deadlift and bent over row, thank you. 😇🤘#backprogress

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Unexpected Celeb Max Takes Care Of Elderly Person

Max Schenzel now has a new career. The Unexpected personality currently works as a caretaker. Max said that “it has honestly been the best job ever.” He said he “loves the immediate satisfaction I get when helping people.” It is nice to know that he is focusing on giving back to others. Being employed is a good sign that he is trying to better himself.

The Unexpected TLC alum posted a picture online of the person he is working with. According to the post, Max Schenzel takes care of a veteran. Although, Max believes that this veteran “deserves all the help and respect this country can give.” Surely, he will be able to learn a lot from this opportunity. 

This is better than his last job where Max Schenzel was working at a vape store.


TLC Star Grateful For Opportunity

As seen on Unexpected, Max Schenzel doesn’t seem to have the best track record when it comes to employment. But, now it seems like he has a job that he loves. He said that he is “happy and grateful to have the chance to do something that I have a passion for!” Wanting to help others is always a good passion to have. 

On the other hand, many Unexpected fans are excited to see Max Schenzel do well for himself. They are proud to watch him succeed in life. So, supporters took to the comments section to praise him for overcoming his addiction. One fan wrote, “so proud of how far you have come, Max. You are a great young man and a father.” Many fans noticed how happy he looked in the picture. Another fan commented, “glad to see you smiling and enjoying life.” The young father has come a very long way from who he was before.

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