‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Shows Off Revenge Body – Sober and Healthy

Unexpected cast member Max Schenzel revealed his toned body in a recent picture posted online. With Chloe Mendoza seemingly out of the picture, he has been working on himself. Since his time in rehab, he looks healthier and sober. Max is also seeing a lot of progress in the gym.

In addition to working on himself, Max Schenzel continues to focus his time on being a father to Ava. Many pictures of the TLC Unexpected couple can be found on his social media page. It’s nice to see that Max has changed his ways for the better. Ava will now have the father she needs. 

TLC’s Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Stays On Sober Track

As seen in the last season of Unexpected, Max Schenzel was dealing with a drug addiction. Although, he didn’t think he had a drug problem. After failing his drug test, he had to spend 30 days in rehab. Max completed the rehab sentence and now seems to be on the right path. Hopefully, Max will be able to stay clean and off the drugs.

Last month, Max Schenzel shared that it had been a month since he changed his life around. Now it looks like he is continuing to stay on the sober path. Max is looking healthier in his pictures he posts online. The Unexpected reality star also seems to be spending a little more time in the gym.


Hard Work Pays Off For TLC Star

According to Max Schenzel, he has been spending a lot of time working out in the gym. He has shared a few updates on his progress. One of the pictures the Unexpected alum wrote that “life’s like a muscle the more pain you go through the more damage.” But, he added that if you “deal with those damages and heal them in a healthy way you’ll grow stronger and better.”

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The Unexpected TLC celeb shared his recent progress and it seems all the work he put in at the gym is paying off. Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza revealed that they are are no longer together on the Tell All. So, could Max be working on his revenge body? Whatever the reason may be, he looks great!

Unexpected Star Focuses On Daughter

Max Schenzel hasn’t always been the best father to his daughter Ava. Drugs were hindering him from becoming a better father. It caused a lot of drama in his relationship with Chloe and her family. Also, Max wasn’t able to go into Chloe’s house. Which made it hard for him to see his daughter. However, with drugs out of the picture, he can now be the father he wants to be.

The Unexpected young father had made a lot of mistakes in the past. But, now he is focused on taking care of his daughter. Max Schenzel posted a picture of Ava online. He wrote that “everything I do from here on out is for you darling.” Max wants to “live up to my full potential now that I’m on the road to success.” Hopefully, he will continue to stay on the sober road.

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