‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Giving Back During the Holidays

Unexpected star Max Schenzel (Chloe Mendoza’s baby daddy) got into the spirit of giving back this holiday season. Max shared a picture online of himself volunteering for a well known charitable organization. Max is currently on the road to recovery. After he dealt with a pill addiction. However, he has been able to take the necessary steps to get help. Now he is ready to start paying it forward.

TLC’s Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Working On Sobriety

Max Schenzel previously dealt with a drug addiction. But, now he trying to put his addiction in the past. Max has been focusing on staying healthy and sober. A few months ago, the Unexpected reality alum shared online that he left an Alcoholics Anonymous Retreat. Since then it seems like Max has been able to stay on the right path. Which is good for his relationship with Chloe Mendoza and his daughter, Ava.

The Unexpected young father has also been focusing on his fitness. Going to the gym has helped Max Schenzel with his sobriety. He says he has been spending a lot of time exercising.  He often shares his fitness progress with his TLC fans. All his hard work in the gym and with his sobriety seem to be paying off. Although, Max seems to be doing things for others as well.


Unexpected: Max Schenzel Taking Care Of a Veteran

Max Schenzel hasn’t just been spending his time doing things to better himself. He has also been helping others. The Unexpected cast member has been doing whatever he can to stay on the right track. So, Max got a job hoping it will help him from relapsing. He is working as a caretaker for an elderly man. He finds spending moments with his man very fulfilling.

The Unexpected TLC alum explained that there is something special about the man he takes care of. Max Schenzel has been hanging out with a military veteran. He was very grateful for the opportunity to spend his moments doing something he has a passion for. He admitted that this has been the best job ever. For Max, the best thing about the job is the immediate satisfaction he gets when he is helping others.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Volunteering During The Holidays

Max Schenzel isn’t done helping those in need. With the holidays just around the corner, the Unexpected celeb is continuing to help wherever he can. The holidays are the perfect time for volunteering. The season is all about giving back to others. He says he was given help from people when he was in need of it, and wants to be able to return the favor.

The Unexpected cast-mate took to social media to share a picture of himself working with a charity. Max Schenzel wrote on the post that he is with the organization “giving back!” The charity he is working with is the Salvation Army. This charity is internationally known. The charity’s aim is to provide vulnerable people with whatever they need within the country.  Surely, Chloe Mendoza is happy to see Max better himself.

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