‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison’s New Girlfriend – Who is She?

Unexpected star Caelan Morrison has officially moved on from his ex McKayla Adkins. The two went their separate ways earlier this year. And now Caelan is opening up more about his current relationship with Hana Fawaz. However, there isn’t much known about her. Continue reading to find out who Caelan’s new girl is.

TLC’s Unexpected: Caelan Morrison Moves on from McKayla Adkins with New Girlfriend

Caelan Morrison and the mother of his children McKayla Adkins dealt with a lot of issues during their relationship. The two found themselves breaking up and getting back together often. Caelan and McKayla have two children together. So, the Unexpected pair tried to fix their relationship for the sake of their children. However, the two weren’t able to and called it quits for the last time.

However, the Unexpected young dad has found love again. Caelan Morrison has a new girlfriend. Her name is Hana Fawaz. Caelan hasn’t opened up about Hana much. But, according to her online profile, she is a cosmetologist and a laser technician. He and Hana have only been dating for a few months. But, they seem to be enjoying their time together.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison - Hana Fawaz

TLC Star Happy in New Relationship

Caelan Morrison was supposedly unhappy in his relationship with McKayla Adkins. According to reports, he felt like he was always putting McKayla’s feelings before his own. The Unexpected cast member did whatever he could to make sure that McKayla was happy. Even if that meant jeopardizing his own happiness. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case when he is with Hana Fawaz.

Unexpected’s Caelan Morrison seems to be genuinely happy being with Hana Fawaz. He has shared a few pictures of the two together online. In a recent post, he shared a picture of him holding Hana’s hand. Caelan said that he is “always happy” being with her. He also said that for the first time in his life he doesn’t have to “try to be happy” when he is with Hana.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison - Hana Fawaz

Fans Approve of Unexpected Celeb’s New Girlfriend

Caelan Morrison’s mom seems to support her son’s relationship. She has a picture of Caelan and his girlfriend Hana Fawaz holding each other’s handst. And it seems like Unexpected TLC fans are also giving Caelan their stamp of approval. One fan said, “so freaking happy for you.” And that he deserves “happiness.” Another fan said that they are “so happy” that he is in a “healthy and happy relationship.”

Although, not every Unexpected viewer is a fan of the pictures of Caelan Morrison and Hana Fawaz. Some fans believe that he should be focusing on his children and post more about them. A fan pointed out that he doesn’t have any pictures of his children online. The fan said that it was a “weird flex.” Another fan said, “try posting some pictures of your kids before you flaunt your girl.” However, since then Caelan has been more open about sharing pictures of his kids online.

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