‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison Moving On Again

Unexpected‘s Caelan Morrison is dealing with new drama in his life. And this doesn’t have to do with McKayla Adkins or his kids. Fans said they hoped he would finally find the right person.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison Breaks Free

For years, fans of Unexpected watched Caelan Morrison and McKayla break up and get back together. Even before they had a baby on the way, their relationship was up and down. But with pregnancy hormones, that added flames to the fire.

After having their Unexpected child, TLC’s Caelan asked his girlfriend to marry him. They also moved out together and tried to make their relationship work. Despite his best efforts, Caelan Morrison couldn’t get his relationship to work.

McKayla ended up moving back in with her grandparents. And after a while, Unexpected star Caelan stopped trying to get back with the mother of his child. Not too long ago, he found a new woman and seemed very happy. But it seems like there was trouble in paradise.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison - Hana Fawaz

Caelan’s New Girlfriend Finds a New Guy

Caelan Morrison of Unexpected seemed very happy with his new lady. They took silly pictures together, and he looked genuinely happy. Fans were happy that he found someone else other than his ex.

Recently, his girlfriend shared photos with another man. And Caelan started sharing photos of himself alone or with other friends. He even went to a hotel and racked up some major noise complaints. It seems like he’s trying to drown the sorrow of the breakup with booze and loud music.

The Unexpected dad and his friends enjoyed a few drinks in their room. And they went down to hang out in the hot tub. It doesn’t seem like Caelan Morrison was letting the breakup get to him too bad. Fans hope that he doesn’t keep working on his life with his kids because of this setback.

Unexpected: Hana Fawaz

Unexpected: Erasing Old Connections & Building New Ones

Caelan Morrison from Unexpected said he wants to erase old and build new. He went on to say that if it isn’t helping you grow, you should let it go. It looks like this young dad is ready to take steps to better his life.

Caelan doesn’t just hang out with his friends. Despite what McKayla likes to say, Caelan does spend time with his children. Recently he made a funny little video of his son and daughter jumping on a mini-trampoline.

It looks like this Unexpected TLC star is ready to move on with his life. And fans told him he deserves to have someone that loves him. They also said that his exes would regret that they are missing out on who he is becoming.

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