‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar Heat Up – New Singles Complicate Matters

Temptation Island spoilers have things heating up with Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar. Host Mark L. Walberg surprises the cast by introducing two new singles. Certainly, telling them they have the option to send home existing singles rocks the game. The cast seems to be partying hard on Season 1 Episode 4 “Rock My World”. And then, a new round of dates brings new drama. So, here’s what to expect.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Evan Smith Does Body Shots With Morgan Lolar

Last time on TI, the single guys treated the ladies to a talent show. Single Jack Allen penned a poem and read it aloud. And then, Nicole Tutewhol, on the island with boyfriend Karl Collins, cried after the poem. She selected Jack for her date after hearing how he opened up. So then, they go to a pineapple farm with Shari Ligons and her date, Jon Luna. Nicole shows off some serious ninja skills with a knife and pineapple.

New Temptation Island spoilers show Evan Smith again selected Morgan Lolar for his date. He does a body shot off of her. He later tells her she is something else and appears to lean in for a kiss. Shari has had a tough time but admits she enjoys Luna’s company. Kady Krambeer chose Carlos Chavez for her date. She claims Carlos has the qualities she likes in a man. Kady again questions her own relationship with John Thurmond.

Kaci and Val Get a Date – She Remembers Evan Smith’s Cheating

Fan-favorite Kaci Campbell goes on a date with Val Osipov on Temptation Island. She finds Val funny and is having a good time on the date. Kaci was in tears last episode. Seeing clips of her boyfriend Evan Smith admitting to being tempted brought back memories of his cheating early in the relationship.

Then on TI, Karl Collins goes on a beach date with Jeffri Lauren. He likens her to Beyonce. But later, he reveals that he doesn’t feel a spark with her. Javen Butler is on a snorkeling date with Allie DeMico. He admires her “buns” as she swims. John’s date is Tara Oslick, who he quickly connects with on TI.

TI Spoilers: New Singles Arrive On the Island – Complications Explode

Temptation Island spoilers show a twist at the end of episode 4, “Rock My World”. New singles are introduced. Host Mark L. Walberg tells the cast they can send other singles home and keep new ones. The new singles introduced are Cameron and Lindsay.

Then, host Walberg also says just because you made it to TI doesn’t mean you get to stay. Clearly, singles Katheryn Golden and Val Osipov react to the news with shock. Because Val says he “is pissed”. Clips show lots of partying and a few close encounters with the singles and couples. Be sure to tune into an all new TI Tuesday at 10pm on the USA network.

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