‘Temptation Island’: Morgan Lolar Wants Evan Smith’s Clothes All Off – S01 E05 Recap

This Temptation Island recap picks up at the ladies’ bonfire. Kaci Campbell sees Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar kiss. The contestants choose dates with an added twist. Not everyone is happy with date choices. Katheryn Golden sets up an in-house date with John Thurmond.

Brittney Rose and Karl Collins go from sizzle to fizzle. And host Mark L Walberg says there will be no new bonfire in tonight’s episode. Let’s jump in to all the fun on TI Season 1 Episode 5 “Rules Are Made to Be Broken”.

Bonfire Leaves Shari Ligons Reeling Again On Temptation Island

On TI, the girls console Kaci. Next at bonfire is Nicole Tutewohl . She sees BF Karl Collins sing to Brittney Rose. Brittney loves the serenade and hugs him. Nicole dead pans that this really doesn’t bother her. She’s never felt “fireworks” with Karl. Or anyone else. Is that weird? So then, host with the most Mark L Walberg tells her yes. And that maybe she will have them here finally. Because, she should.

So then, Kady sees John’s the now famous “licking peanut butter off the boob incident”. He creepily comments “I need some milk” mid boob lick. Kady unconvincingly says it’s like a dagger and she “doesn’t like it”. But Kady admits there are more than a few guys on the island that could ease the pain.

Last is Shari Ligons. She sees a clip of Brittany and Javen. Brittney is openly flirting with him. He tells her he’s a little scared of her sexual energy. Javen clearly is trying to walk away from her. Nevertheless, Shari starts crying. She says it hurts to hear him tell others what he tells her. Shari wipes away tears and said she regrets coming to Temptation Island.

Post Bonfire – John Might “Go Savage” If Kady Cheats

The couples regroup at their respective villas. Shari marches straight to bed. Kaci has a confessional. She admits to being emotionally exhausted and scared of her life changing. Sad music plays while cameras catch her tossing and turning.

John tells the guys he’ll hold back unless he sees Kady do something first. Evan Smith Smith asks if he considers kissing cheating. He absolutely does. He says if he sees anything like that “he might go savage”. Wynn Sarden pouts in the background while Kady holds court with the other guys.

She briefs them on the PB & Boob incident. Wynn comes over and mumbles something awkward about hearing about John “milking some titties”. Then he takes the cringe one step further by telling her he knows she’s got a “small palette for chocolate”. Wynn. Buddy. Go to bed. Cut your losses bro.

The Singles Get Some Say on Temptation Island

It’s date time on Temptation Island. Host Mark L Walberg tells the guys the single ladies will raise their hands if they want to go on a date. Javen gets three ladies hands up. And then he chooses Hannah Rightmire. Javen’s up for something different. Because his commitment to Shari is seen as a hindrance by most.

Karl has the most ladies raise their hands up. He goes for LA Yoga teacher Brittney Rose who he admits tempts him. Evan Smith predictably picks Morgan Lolar out of a few clueless others. John gets three hands. One of which is Katheryn who he’s blocked from. He picks newbie Lindsay.

The gals gather next. Almost all the guys raise hands for Kaci. She is thrilled and picks Jack Allen. Kady picks NYC chiropractor Dr. Johnny Alexander. Wynn pouts visibly in the background. Probably not a good strategy to win over the girl who likes a “manly man”.

On Temptation Island, Shari picks James LA Thompson. But only after Scott Shapiro tells producers he’s sure he’s a shoo-in for Shari. Because Scott pulled her aside a few times for deep convos, he’s angry and leaves yelling “bullsh*t”. Perhaps he and Wynn need a timeout. Nicole, who looks like she’d rather be anywhere but here, slumps over to pick Tyler Sabino out of a few hands raised for her.

Evan Smith Calls Morgan Lolar Trouble on TI

On Temptation Island, Brittany is thrilled on a boat ride with Karl. John and Lindsay get soaked. However, John feels laid back with Lindsay. Then, Hannah convinces Javen to rub her back with sunscreen on a beach date. She says he will be protecting her from skin cancer. Obviously, he doesn’t realize Shari already wants to smack him. Because this may push her over the edge.

So then later, Evan and Morgan frolic. Morgan’s never tasted grapefruit and feels deprived. In the same breath she says Evan is “like my boyfriend”. The only thing cornier than the music in this scene is Evan Smith himself. He’s all wide-eyed wonder that being on a TV show where people tempt you with alcohol and women to get you to cheat has worked – and it’s great! He uses the tired old guy-about to cheat line of “I knew you were trouble” before making out surf side with a bikini clad Morgan Lolar. Kaci who?

On Temptation Island the gals go lawn bowling with their dates. Johnny gets all competitive. This turns Kady on. She likes that he possesses leadership qualities. Umm, it’s lawn bowling not a human resources meeting. Karl and Britt snuggle in a hammock. Karl is uncomfortable but tells her she’s the most beautiful girl in the house.

Katheryn Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

On Temptation Island the guys return to the villa after dates. Katheryn trash talks John’s date Lindsay. She says she looks like a wet mop. Above all she’s not the southern bell that he “laaaks”. Later, Jeffri suggests using Evan Smith’s terrace for an in-house date. Katheryn throws a bunch of flower petals around. She emerges with two goblets of chardonnay and a fake southern drawl. She talks about John being a good dad and husband.

Later, the two awkwardly sit on the terrace. John tells her it’s really up to Kady. He’s not open to anything with anyone unless she cheats first. This annoys Katheryn who says he always defends her. Then, she kisses him and says there you kissed me. John correctly says no I did not. Certainly, Katheryn needs to take her wine and watch “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Hannah gives John the business about his attitude. She says he’s messing with everyone’s feelings by not wanting to cheat.

On Temptation Island the single girls decide they want a cocktail party. With proper attire. Karl dons a suit and everyone goes wild. Seductively, Tara dabs sweat off his bare chest. As a result ,Brittney is jealous. The two take a dip and Britt makes her move. But Karl’s not down. Brittney is rejected. She cries on John’s shoulder. The rest of the girls decide to switch party themes again. This time for swimsuits and heels. It’s like the Miss America pageant with lots of tequila and desperation.

Girls Gone Wild on Temptation Island

Later, host Mark L. Walberg says there will be no bonfire tonight on Temptation Island. And then, the girl’s villa goes wild. If you consider some lame booty shaking and splits wild. Shari even breaks out a little dance. Kady tells her that her ass is “fire”. Later, Kaci does splits and gets a lap dance from Carlos. Certainly, Nicole remains bored out of her mind but takes Tyler to bed just to sleep. Kady grinds on everyone and kisses them. Later, she sits on Johnny’s lap and says she’s not thinking about John.

So definitely, Wynn is getting super scary jealous of Kady’s antics. But then he proudly tells the camera she at least sat on his knee. Johnny calls Carlos a c*ck-block. Then, Johnny gets mad that Kady has kissed everybody but him. Kaci tells producers that her gal pal Kady is in a pickle. She just can’t make up her mind which pickle.

Later, Evan and Morgan lie in bed. The last time they were in his room Morgan Lolar left and didn’t return. So now, she wants to get nakey and have fun. She tells Evan Smith I want this off. All off. Evan just keeps repeating no we can’t ,we can’t. And so it ends for another week! So, will they? Or, won’t they? Or, did they already? Definitely, tune in next Tuesday at 10 pm on the USA network to find out!

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