‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Morgan and Evan Take It All The Way – Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Head in the Sand’

This Temptation Island recap starts with Evan Smith explaining to Morgan Lolar why he couldn’t have sex with her the night before. Matthew Van is boring Kaci Campbell to death. New single Cameron Sikes saves the day by interrupting with flowers. Or so he thinks.

Host Mark L Walberg tells the guys and girls it will be a double elimination day. Let’s see who goes, who stays, and who plays on TI Season 1 Episode 6 “Head in the Sand”.

Four Singles Go Home On Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, host Mark Walberg heads to the guys’ villa first. He tells them to pick three of the remaining single girls. Then they can decide which two leave the island for good. The guys huddle. John Thurmond is quick to suggest tossing Hannah Rightmire. She confronted him last episode for playing people. He says he will only interact if GF Kady Krambeer cheats first. They also select Sheldyn Stack and Tara Oslick.

Hannah stands up for herself telling John it was a miscommunication. The other guys don’t have a beef with her. So Hannah stays and it’s adios to Tara and Sheldyn. John confides in Katheryn Golden. He still doesn’t like Hannah and wanted her to go. Katheryn defends him on Temptation Island. He says she has the bad qualities of his girlfriend Kady. Hannah tries to talk with Brittney Rose about it. Brittney thinks that she’s being a little vicious. She’s put off by Hannah’s complaining and defends John.

On TI, Matthew Van blabs to Kaci. She tells producers she is not into him at all. Or anyone. She is worried about boyfriend Evan Smith. She’s worried about losing him to Morgan Lolar. Newbie Cameron Sikes brings Kaci flowers. Kaci and the gals decide to send Matt and Cam packing. Scott Shapiro will live to see another day on the island.

Evan and Morgan Give Into Temptation

On Temptation Island, the girls play “never have I ever”. Johnny Alexander and Kady cuddle openly. In private, he gives a speech to her about his feelings. Dude is moving in hard. Kady is tempted but emotional. Does she ever consider alpha male Johny is just in it to win it? His words sound a little rehearsed. Not to mention his faces when the other guys come near. Next he’ll be pissing in corners outside Kady’s room.

Shari lets loose a little with James LA Thompson. She feels she’s opening up more. She and James have a lot in common. Nicole Tutewohl is also letting her guard down. She hangs out with Tyler Sabino. She invites him to sleep in bed with her. But just for sleep. Kaci is struggling. She’s in love with Evan Smith. She knows about his connecting with Morgan Lolar. She just hopes it’s not too late.

On Temptation Island, Evan and Morgan can’t keep their hands off each other. Evan Smith can’t stop saying cheesy lines either. He tells her she is it. Then says he’s falling in love with her. After telling her he wasn’t ready to take their tryst sexual, the two go for it. Grainy video shows Morgan Lolar taking off her top while porny music plays. The scene fades out of the two under the covers. And Morgan Smith saying “it feels so good”.

Evan Smith Makes Morning-After Eggs for Morgan Lolar

On Temptation Island, Evan cooks post-coital breakfast for Morgan Lolar. He can’t resist asking John if he “heard me and Morgan last night”. Such class. John asks if they “did the dirty”. Evan Smith lifts weights and does push-ups. While checking out his biceps, he talks about his happiness coming at Kaci’s expense. Can this guy be any more of a tool bag? Jeffri Lauren sings about Javen Butler having a breakthrough. She’s excited that a girl is in his room helping him with laundry. #Scandalous

Back at the girls villa, an episode of “Dr. Phil” has broken out. Kaci wipes away tears and talks about breaking down walls. Shari Ligons cries and says it takes less energy to just “let it go”. Let’s hope she remembers that when she sees Javen talking the rules of laundry with another girl. Nicole looks one step away from a giant yawn. She adds that her and Karl don’t have “deep love” like the others.

Temptation Island shows Mark stops in to tell the girls there WILL be a bonfire tonight. Kaci doesn’t want to watch her clip. She adds that she will stay with Evan Smith no matter what. Johnny lurks in the background of course because Kady is there. Kady asks if she’d stay if Evan has sex. Kaci says he wouldn’t do that Kady is like GIRL… In an aside, Kady says Kaci’s got her head in the sand. More like she’s completely buried in sand.

Evan Smith Has No Regrets on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, the SUV drives the guys to the bonfire. Evan sits in the back and says his happiness and joy are totally at the expense of someone else. He’s upset, but Evan has no regrets. John twitches a little. Evan watches his clip first. It’s Kaci getting the saddest lap dances ever from some of the guys. Evan Smith actually smiles and says “hell yeah! that girl’s having fun!” He is super relieved that banging Morgan Lolar after two weeks is okay since Kaci was smiling. John twitches even harder.

Javen watches Shari do a little dance while the other girls yell whooooo! He’s says it’s good because she never went to college and wasn’t around men. Karl watches a depressing and grainy clip of Nicole lying in bed with Tyler. He feels superior because he turned Brittney away from his bed. John sees a bikini clad Kady laying on Johnny in the pool with his hand on her ass. John is visibly pissed and says it’s an easy out for him since she’s weak. Now Evan is the one twitching.

Kaci Won’t Watch Her Clip and Walks Off on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, Kady cries before bonfire. She feels guilty after her Chardonnay-fueled chiropractor transgressions. Kaci could care less about anything at this point except how to avoid seeing Evan Smith bang Morgan Lolar. Shari goes first. She sees Javen tell Kayla he wouldn’t mind a second date. She shrugs it off and says she’s okay with that. Mark comments it’s a much different reaction than the first two. Shari says she’s getting more chill.

Nicole sees Karl tell Brittany she’s the most beautiful girl in the house. Thanks to some pretty cruel editing she sees them in a hot tub getting pretty close. What she doesn’t see is Karl telling Brittney thanks but no thanks. It doesn’t matter though because Nicole isn’t even sure at this point if she’s even been dating Karl. After seeing all the drama the other girls have in their relationships, she’s super confused.

On Temptation IslandKady sees Stage-5 clinger Katheryn kiss John. And John denying that he had anything to do with it. Which he didn’t. She cries some more. Girl please, you’re having more fun than a freshman at spring break. Kaci demands ear buds and shuts her eyes. the others follow suit. Come on somebody – open one eye for a peek! Mark and the producers chastise her for not watching. Kaci gets defiant and says she needs to stay in a good head space and walks off. Till next week!

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