‘Temptation Island’ Karl Collins Tells Fans To Get Wild With Cast on Facebook

Temptation Island star Karl Collins is telling fans to come get wild with him and other TI cast on Facebook. Fans that are already in the FB group chatting with the cast enjoy interacting with the cast. The USA show has just aired episode three of the new season so there’s plenty of time to get onto social media and chat up the love hopefuls as their drama unfolds on the TV screen.

Karl Collins Tweets on Temptation Island Group

Karl Collins, who arrived on Temptation Island with girlfriend Nicole Tutewohl, tweeted about the “super wild” Facebook group Temptation Island: The Bonfire and included the link to join. Hot posts include fans sticking up for Shari Ligons who is on the island with boyfriend Javen Butler. Fans jumped to support Shari after a clip of Javen brought her to tears. Ligons weighed in to the page after episode three to remind fans that they don’t see everything. She also advises that fans keep in mind she’s a real person.

Kady Krambeer has also come under attack by members of the Temptation Island FB group. Her comments on a recent episode of TI on boyfriend John Thurmond’s ability to be a good father rubbed some fans the wrong way. Group members came to John’s defense. Particularly after he revealed his own father had committed suicide. Krambeer responded by inviting fans to catch her on Instagram live where she would address the comments.

The Singles Weigh in on Temptation Island: The Bonfire Group

Fan favorite Kaci Campbell is also a frequent poster. She posted a pic of her in a sexy black outfit and captioned it “just me being unattractive”. When fans commented on the caption, Kaci responded. She said some guy had been body shaming her on social media for weeks. The post was sarcastic. Others rushed to tell her that she is hot. Kaci is on Temptation Island with long time boyfriend Evan Smith. She told fans that her and the other girls from the USA show are heading to Vegas for Super Bowl weekend.

NYC Chiropractor Johnny Alexander is another fan favorite. He frequents the TI social group along with singles Rachel Boerner and newcomer Wynn Sarden. Johnny went on date with Kady Krambeer. A viral photo of two cast members getting pretty physical has fans wondering if it’s Kady and Johnny. Screenshots from Twitter appeared on the group page of what could be a dig at Brittney Rose from single Hannah Rightmire.

More TI Cast Joining the Facebook Group

Wynn Sarden joined the group after he went on a date on the latest Temptation Island episode. He went horseback riding with Kady Krambeer. His Instagram blew up afterward so he joined the group for easier interactions with fans. The cast is involved and ready to answer questions. But they are also careful not to give away too much. Fans love to be able to interact with the cast. The page especially heats up on Tuesday nights when the show airs with many posting comments and questions as the drama unfolds.

Single cast member Jeffri Lauren frequents Temptation Island: The Bonfire. She has a huge social media presence on Twitter and goes live on Instagram to discuss the show as well. Jeffri shares all the drama on Twitter with the group on the show. She has become close with Allie DiMeco, single and former “The Naked Brothers Band” star.

So if you’re interested in checking out more action between Temptation Island episodes, be sure to join Karl Collins and the others online. The drama continues in the next episode when new singles arrive. Existing singles could get voted off the island. Tune in every Tuesday at 10 on USA network for new episodes of TI.

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