‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Does Kaci Beg Evan Smith to Stay? “The Final Bonfire Part 2”

Temptation Island spoilers show Kaci Campbell first calling Evan Smith a piece of sh*t and then saying “I’m begging you, please”. The dramatic show down between the couple is seen on part 2 of the season finale “The Final Bonfire”. Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell had a ten-year relationship before arriving on the island. Evan quickly became attracted to Morgan Lolar. Kaci has seen a clip of him asking Morgan to be his girlfriend.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Kaci Calls Evan a Piece of Sh*t

Temptation Island spoilers for the season finale show Kaci and Evan finally facing each other. Kaci Campbell cries on the way to the final bonfire. She says she hopes he kept his promises. And that he realizes what they have is more special than a random girl. Evan Smith says whatever he decides will result in heartbreak. Evan quickly connected with single Morgan Lolar. Kaci watched a video clip of him gushing over her and calling Morgan his girlfriend.

On Temptation Island Kaci Campbell is devastated by Evan’s behavior. On her over night date with single Val Osipov she says she hopes his mistake will haunt him forever. Kaci didn’t connect beyond friendship with any of the singles. Rather, she stayed faithful to make Evan proud. Evan Smith dissed her by not bothering to send a 30 second video message. Kaci cried throughout her message to Evan. And encouraged him to make her proud.

Fans of Temptation Island are sure that he remains with Morgan. Because a now deleted tweet shows Evan Smith proposing to Morgan Lolar at a DC area restaurant. And showing up in the background of his Instagram lives. The much-anticipated moment when they come face to face is on the season finale Tuesday night. Evan Smith says their trials and tribulations weighed on him. And that now he can finally see and has clarity. He calls her his little bird and she angrily says don’t call me that anymore.

Temptation Island – Does Kady Krambeer Dump John Thurmond For Dr. Johnny Alexander?

Temptation Island spoilers expose John Thurmond and Kady Krambeer crying at the last bonfire. Kady is crying that John makes her not want to have kids. She doesn’t find him a strong enough man. Kady says she has to mother him and pull ambition out of him. Kady has spent most of her time including an overnight date with Dr. Johnny. Certainly this devastated John. Especially clips of them being in Kady’s bed together.

TI spoilers also show John admitting Kady’s words and actions have destroyed him. John got close to Katheryn Golden after seeing footage of Kady being unfaithful. So due to that, he admits to Kady that he slept with her. Viewers are anxious to see how this couple leaves the bonfire. And if they will leave with a single or alone. Or possibly stay together.

On Temptation Island spoilers reveal that Shari Ligons tells Javen Butler she’d like them to have their own lives. This is in sharp contrast to how she felt at the beginning. Shari was very jealous and didn’t let Javen  have female friends. But after opening up to Justin Sturm she realizes things are different. And even more shocking that she could see herself with Justin. Finally, Javen remained faithful, telling date Kayla Essex he is in love with Shari and wants to committ only to her.

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