‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Evan Smith Proposed to Morgan Lolar?

Temptation Island spoilers reveal Morgan Lolar fears a guilty Evan Smith will return to Kaci Campbell. Kady Krambeer cries to the girls after seeing John Thurmond’s video message. Tyler Sabino and Nicole Tutewohl grow closer. This prompts Kaci to call them “a couple”. Karl Collins tries to resist Brittney Rose after a clothing-optional encounter that has him in hot water.

TI fans on Twitter are abuzz. Because, a since deleted tweet shows Evan Smith supposedly asking Morgan Lolar to marry him. Let’s break down what we know about Season 1 Episode 8 “The Beginning of The End” on Temptation Island.

Temptation Island Fans Buzz Over Tweet of Evan Smith Proposing to Morgan Lolar

Temptation Island fans are reeling over a since-deleted tweet (see below). A Virginia man posted a tweet of a picture he took at a restaurant. In the picture, Evan Smith is down on one knee and it appears to propose to someone who is seen only from behind. But, the woman resembles Morgan Lolar. Then, the original poster removed the tweet. But eagle-eyed fans loaded screengrabs on social media.

TI cast member Karl Collins announced in the comments on social media that he will host a watch party and meet-n-greet in Chicago on March 12. Plus, he urges fans to follow his Instagram for details. Maybe he’ll have some insight on this alleged proposal. Certainly, fans love interacting with the friendly cast. One fan pieced together separate Instagram posts of food to show Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins recently dined together.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Evan Smith Feels Like a Monster – Kady Has Doubts

Tonight’s episode of Temptation Island finds Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar distraught. Evan feels like a monster for betraying Kaci Campbell. Although, that doesn’t change he’s fallen for Morgan Lolar who tearfully tells producers she’s afraid. Morgan Lolar fears he may go back to Kaci. Evan Smith assures her he won’t. And admits he knows what he has to do. Later, Kady cries to the girls poolside.

Seeing John upset has made her doubt her decision with Johnny Alexander. Because, Kady came to TI concerned with whether John Thurmond was right for her. Clearly, she is tempted by Dr Johnny Chiropractor. But, after seeing John’s video message, doubt creeps in. But, she never saw herself as a cheater. Kady tells the girls she maybe made a mistake by giving into temptation with Johnny. Temptation Island spoilers show Johnny kissing Katheryn in the pool. So John is giving into temptation as well.

Can Karl Collins Resist Brittney Rose After Naked Hot Tub Romp?

TI spoilers reveal Brittney Rose and Karl Collins continue to get flirty with a romp (sans clothes) in the hot tub. Brittney turns the heat all the way up. Later, she climbs on Karl in a blue bikini and says she wants to get naked and roll around with him. Karl tells her to calm down and be good. So, he’s trying hard to stay faithful to girlfriend Nicole Tutewohl. Meanwhile, Kaci tells producers that Nicole and single Tyler Sabino look like a couple.

Temptation Island spoilers also show the biggest elimination yet in the new episode. Three singles of each sex will go home. This narrows the field to seven. Be sure to tune in at 10 pm Tuesday on the USA network to see who goes home. And to see who else gives in to temptation or tries to save their relationship.

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