‘Temptation Island’: Javen Devastates Shari – John Not Man Enough for Kadi

The Temptation Island recap sees Javen Butler crushed Shari Ligons‘ feelings and Kadi devastating John by doubting his manliness. The episode starts with the couples mingling part from the singles. They will choose their first dates. The single guys find the girls standoffish. At the guys villa it’s a bit more of a party.

Evan Smith finds himself in the middle of two friends. Kaci Campbell turns down a drink and confesses she’s a lightweight while Kady Krambeer throws John Thurmond under the bus. Later Shari is in tears after watching Javen Butler on tape. Let’s check in on all the drama on this recap of Temptation Island Season 1 Episode 2 “Single Again”.

Single and Ready To Mingle on Temptation Island

Back at the girl’s villa, the single guys suggest the ladies put on PJs and grab some drinks. None of them seem too thrilled but they oblige. Kaci turns down an offer of vodka and coconut water. She claims it’s because she’s a lightweight. But really it’s probably because nothing screams “I’m lame” like that lowkey cocktail. Dude.

The guys seem a little bored and think the girls are not warming up. However Kady is opening up to one of the singles in the pool. She suggests that John isn’t manly enough for her. Kady wants to be outdoorsy and he’s more of a city guy. She wants a man that could teach a future son some manly things.

Meanwhile, Shari Ligons is not feeling any of this Temptation Island scene. She misses Javen and feels awkward. Over at the guys villa, things are a bit more lively. Shots flow and there are lots of bikinis and booty shakin’. Someone yells “it’s like a music video!” Uhhh not really.

The Couples Choose Their Dates

The couples prepare to choose first dates on Temptation Island. No one is happy that it will be in front of their SO’s. Especially Evan Smith who says he’s uncomfortable doing so in front of girlfriend Kaci’s “prying eyes”. Karl chooses single lady Sheldyn Stack. GF Nicole says he did that because she won’t tempt him.

John chooses blonde Vancouver native Hannah Rightmire after being blocked from Katheryn Golden. He later tells Hannah that Katheryn was his first choice. Ouch. Javen Butler chooses single Kayla Essex. Shari Ligons actually thinks Kayla seems nice – unlike the other singles. Evan chooses yoga teacher Brittney Rose.

Kaci thinks mellow Brittney is a good choice. Shari is first for the girls and grabs James Thompson. Nicole takes Tyler Sabino. Kady then selects NY chiropractor Johnny Alexander – John isn’t surprised. Kaci chooses Cuban Carlos Chavez. Evan says Kaci likes confident men.

Then, the couples retire to the villas. Katheryn sits with Javen and tells him she’s into him. Javen, who admits he’s been drinking, slides away. Katheryn is coming on strong. Javen resists (as far as we can tell). In an aside he says he messed up by drinking. But it really isn’t clear what went down (if anything) on Temptation Island.

Katheryn Throws Bestie Under The Bus – Evan Smith Caught in The Middle

On Temptation Island, Katheryn seems determined to get attention somewhere. She finds Evan Smith drinking in the kitchen and asks if they can go talk privately. He has a 6 am date with Brittney Rose but with his patented wide-eyed look, agrees anyway. Katheryn tells him that her BFF Morgan Lolar has a crush on him. Morgan opens the door when she suspects they are talking about her.

This causes a fight. Morgan is angry at Katheryn and denies the crush. Evan, still playing the innocent, confirms that she did tell him Morgan liked him. Is this Temptation Island or “Middle School Cafeteria”? Brittney is annoyed since she’s got a morning date with him. Evan reminds us in an aside that women fight over him. Yawn.

Temptation Island – First Dates and Second Choices

The guys prepare for their dates they will be riding ATV’s while the girls snorkel. Brittney’s not really into it after last night’s drama. Kaci has a good time with Carlos. Nicole’s date questions whether she thinks Karl is holding her back. Kady finds she has a lot in common with her date, Johnny.

Shari finds this whole Temptation Island scene awkward. Javen Butler admits he’s having too much fun. John lets Hannah know she’s his second choice. Hannah doesn’t seem pleased. Duh. Karl flubs his date with Sheldyn mumbling about loving Nicole but having “needs”.

Temptation Island: #Awkward

For most of the couples, the day seemed pretty uneventful and awkward. They head back in separate SUVs where the other Mark Walberg (with an L and no good vibrations) is planning a bonfire. Both sides speculate whether the others will be there. But it isn’t so. The guys line up first. They watch footage of their SOs on dates and the villa.

Evan Smith chooses to watch the footage with the guys. The rest follow suit. Kaci’s clips reveals nada. Karl hears Nicole reveal he is her first real love. Javen sees Shari uncomfortable talking to another dude. Nothing too bad. Then John hears Kady basically say he’s not man enough.

We only see Shari Ligons watch a clip for the girls. It’s the cringeworthy moment when Katheryn tells him she’s attracted. Javen Butler seems freaked out and runs from it but says something confusing about messing up. Shari is in tears and says they’re done.

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