‘Teen Mom 2’: Are Jenelle’s 911 Calls Part Of a Dangerous Game?

Teen Mom 2 has plenty of drama on screen but with Jenelle Evans, the drama doesn’t stop there. Is Jenelle using the 911 system as a ploy in her child custody case? New 911 calls released seem to indicate she’s laying a foundation for her case and seemingly turning the tables on the father of her son Kaiser.

Nathan Griffith made a 911 call about his son Kaiser before Jenelle started with her 911 calls. As the father of Jenelle’s 4-year-old son, he has the right to be concerned about his son’s safety.

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Nathan reports bruising on his toddler’s backside during this call along with how the child claims he got those bruises. Nathan tells the 911 operator that his son said that “David hit him with a stick.” This being David Eason’s Jenelle’s husband and Kaiser’s stepfather.

Teen Mom 2 Distraught Father vs. Concerned Mother?

The tot’s father was understandably upset and looking for direction on what to do next when making this call. He was scheduled to drop Kaiser back off with Jenelle and now with these injuries, he was fearful of doing so. What was he sending his son back to? This was Nathan’s main concern.

As Teen Mom 2 Talk reports Jenelle’s been one of the most controversial teen moms from the very start of the show. She’s made many 911 calls in the past. But her calls aren’t like most folks who are reporting a crisis if a 911 call is made. It looks as though Jenelle might think of this emergency number as a weapon in her battles.

Nathan, along with his mother, Doris, refused to return Kaiser to Jenelle. They didn’t want him in a house where he would be exposed to Eason.

Jenelle in Distress on 911 Call?

This started a very nasty battle between Jenelle and Nathan. The 911 calls that Jenelle made that day were just revealed. They came after Nathan’s concerned call to the police.

Jenelle stated her dilemma to the operator on the 911 call. She said, “The grandparent and my ex are trying to keep my son,” according to RadarOnline.

Jenelle continued,  “I have primary custody and he has every other weekend. They were supposed to meet me at 5 pm at the gas station and now they’re trying to say, ‘Oh since he has a bruise on him we’re going to keep him and not give him back to you.’”

Teen Mom 2 Mom Throws Nathan Under the Bus

The Teen Mom 2 star continued, “I have primary custody! The father has supervised visits. He’s not even allowed to have him unsupervised. They’re trying to keep him from me!”

The 26-year-old tells them that she has primary custody of Kaiser and all the papers to prove it. She also said that there was no “emergency custody order” filed.

You can hear the frustration in her voice during this 911 call. But as time goes on Jenelle makes a few more of these calls.  Some might say she almost sounds as if she’s laying the groundwork for her custody battle.

Jenelle Makes Another 911 Call

Apparently, Jenelle didn’t find her first call a success, so she made another one. This time around she was the concerned mom requesting a wellness check on her toddler son. While the Child Protective Services (CPS) investigated this case, Jenelle claims she couldn’t get in touch with her ex, his mother, and especially her son.

She claims no one will pick up the phone for her and she wants to know if her son is OK. She also throws the CPS under the bus by saying they won’t give her any answers as well. Jenelle requests that a police officer make a wellness visit to Nathan’s mother’s house where her son is.

Teen Mom 2 Star Still Not Done With Her 911 Calls

Jenelle is not done with her 911 calls yet. With that said she makes yet a third call after she is told she can go to the home and pick up her son by CPS. She requests a police escort “in case the grandmother gets mad.”

If Jenelle is making these calls to lay the groundwork for her battle, this can be dangerous. 911 is for urgent emergencies, not for a tool to construct a custody case. Each time a call is made that isn’t of an urgent nature, it takes time away from a call that may be vital.

Using 911 as Your Own Personal Tool Can Be Dangerous

When Jenelle and Eason went to retrieve Kaiser at Nathan and his mom’s home, Eason lived streamed this event on Instagram. Although Nathan and his mother are only concerned about the welfare of Kaiser, Eason tried to make a spectacle of the incident. What is wrong with this picture?

It was later learned that CPS had disturbing pictures of Kaiser with not one, but five bruises on his backside. This was discussed in a previous Soap Dirt article.

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