David Eason Plows Over ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast With Profanity-Laced Spew on Twitter

David Eason is a man who is not going down without a fight. At least his recent Twitter rant aimed at the Teen Mom 2 show suggests this to be the case. Eason, who’s the husband of the Teen Mom stars, Jenelle Evans, erupted on Twitter.  His tweet contained some very disturbing accusations. He believes his firing was unjust and points out all the people who should be fired while making these defamatory accusations.

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You might ask if this man has his priorities straight. After all, the police recently went to his house when an unknown neighbor called out of concerns for the kids. Then Jenelle was caught on video with what appeared to be a dozen or more prescription pill bottles on the kitchen counter of her home.

The drugs were all within an arm’s reach of her little ones.  This spiked the viewers’ concerns, even more, when it came to the welfare of the children and they took to Twitter to share these concerns. Despite this, as we have reported before, Janelle Evans is demanding new and better contract with MTV .

David Eason Claims He’s Been A Quiet Man Until Now

Eason started off his spew by saying he’s “kept his mouth shut for too long.” But Hollywood Gossip suggests “in reality” he’s never been known to keep his thoughts to himself.  Fans of the show can also back this up after they’ve seen David Eason in action.

Jenelle’s 30-year-old husband was booted from Teen Mom 2 after he tweeted homophobic and transphobic comments. This forced MTV to sever ties with the man. This latest Twitter incident isn’t the first time Eason has demonstrated that he harbors a bit of a temper.

The father of three and step-father of two claims that MTV is a “hypocritical liberal network”. He elaborates on his comments by saying how MTV  fired him while keeping “racists, drug addicts, and potential rapists” on the show.  He believes MTV’s political views drive the bus on who stays and who goes from Teen Mom 2.

What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander

Apparently, if it was up to Eason, Cheyenne Floyd would go.  He makes the claim she needs to be fired for being a racist. Hollywood Gossip suggests that Cheyenne has offered up some tweets that were “ignorant beyond belief”. But the site goes thinks no one believes she “wants to kill all white people.” They then add,”Well anyone except for David, that is.”

Eason cited others who he believes have demonstrated inappropriate behavior without getting the ax from MTV. Among them is the host from Catfish, Nev Schulman. Eason sees Schulman as a man who didn’t get the boot despite how he “tried to sexually assault his timid and vulnerable cast members.” This is how the disgruntled former Teen Mom 2 cast member worded the accusations.

He also used the introduction of “not to mention” before throwing a pregnant Teen Mom cast member under the bus. Eason claims this pregnant teen, who is pictured in a selfie that showed cocaine on a table nearby, got away with her antics without being shown the door. He describes how Jade Cline who didn’t get the boot after that selfie, despite Eason getting tossed for his tweets. Apparently, he sees this as a travesty of justice.

Living in a Glass House and Throwing Stones

It could be that Eason forgot that this reality show. He is slamming a large pool of fans and the fans hopped online. They reminded him he is throwing stones while living in a glass house. Both he and his wife Jenelle have faced arrests more than once for “drug-related charges.”

The former MTV star included other things in his twitter rant. Hollywood Life deemed these as rather “amusing.” He talked about his right to carry arms and how his feelings regarding guns were against him when it came to MTV keeping him as a cast member.

David Easton did one more thing before signing off his Twitter rant. He added his own disclaimer. He wants people to know that MTV’s depiction of him does not represent his “beliefs or moral value and standards.”

The fans don’t need MTV or even David Eason himself to explain his “beliefs or moral value and standards.” All they need to do is watch the show. He recently blew up in a vulgar rant at the kids as they got ready to return home from a getaway stay at a cabin. He did this while the cameras rolling. This rant continued while the family made their long ride home, as described by Cafe Mom.

Fans were quick to comment online. Many expressed belief the couple’s children could be in danger.

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