‘Teen Mom 2’: MTV Editing Jenelle in Bad Light so Nathan Wins Custody?

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is a grown woman at 26 with three children by three different baby-daddies. But she has custody of only two of them at the moment. Could she be left with only one child soon? It’s quite feasible that Nathan Griffith, the father of her second son, will win custody of Kaiser after recent events.

Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have shown us tears, fears, and produced jeers, but lately, it’s taken a dark turn. Jenelle and her new husband David Eason are facing accusations of abuse. If you’ve been watching the latest episodes of Teen Mom 2, you’ve likely noticed ugly interactions between Nathan and David – and also David and Kaiser. Is MTV editing with intent other than to entertain?

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Teen Mom 2 Airs Disturbing Behavior

Nathan is fighting for custody of his son Kaiser. This started off-camera when Nathan spotted several bruises on the child’s backside. It quickly became a Teen Mom 2 sore spot for the fans. Since then, more evidence of inappropriate behavior around the kids was filmed and aired on MTV. Nathan claims that Jenelle’s home is not safe for his son because of David Eason.

Nathan claims his 4-year-old son told him the bruises were from David hitting him with a stick. It is a claim that Eason denies. Jenelle is backing up her husband and taking his side through this debacle. But what about Kaiser? And what (if anything) did the producers and camera operators of Teen Mom 2 observe?

David Eason Digs Himself in Deeper

MTV’s footage of Teen Mom 2 added fuel to this fire. Scenes of Eason blowing up with a vulgar rant are clips the fans won’t soon forget. These aired on recent TM2 episodes, giving fans a reason to call David out for his hostility towards the toddler, as suggested by Cafe Mom last month.

Despite Eason asking MTV cameramen to shut off the cameras, they didn’t. With the request denied, the disturbing scenes were captured and made it on the air. Could this footage be used in Jenelle’s custody battle in court?

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Jenelle Evans’ Mother Sees It

Jenelle’s mother is often captured on tape showing her disgust for her daughter’s parenting skills. Most of Barbara’s frustration stems from Jenelle not stepping in to correct David. Barb has custody of Jenelle’s oldest child, Jace. Eason is the father of only one of Jenelle’s kids, her youngest child, daughter Ensley.

With Jenelle facing a custody battle and allegations of abuse against David, is custody of little Ensley also at risk? Would Child Protective Services leave the baby in a household if abuse of Kaiser is proven?

Does MTV Have an Agenda?

Fans know that MTV production staffers are very attached to the kids they’ve been filming since birth. Some of the crew are even godparents to Teen Mom offspring. That’s far more attachment than most TV shows usually have between the crew and the subjects they film. It begs the question of whether the camera operators and editors are going out of their way to expose an unhealthy situation.

While there is no confirmation from MTV, the deep relationships between the teen moms and the show staff and crew are known. Behind the scenes, videos show the affectionate interactions. Is production trying to help these kids? At a glance, you might think MTV is just making a ratings grab showing these tense scenes of David’s often-volatile behavior. But is there more to it?

Footage Used Against Mom In The Past

It’s been alleged by Nathan that Jenelle’s household is a “dangerous” place for Kaiser to live. Is MTV trying to prove Nathan’s point? If so, Jenelle wouldn’t be the first Teen Mom 2 cast member to find herself in jeopardy over MTV film clips. Years back, another teen mom found herself in hot water with clips from the show being entered as evidence in court.

Back in 2010, another Teen Mom 2 cast member was charged with domestic assault after assaulting her then-boyfriend. Amber Portwood was shown on MTV footage hitting Gary Shirley. She was arrested for domestic violence after the cameras caught her assaulting him. Portwood faced felony charges because her minor child witnessed the violence.

Again, this was made public knowledge via the MTV cameras. The court couldn’t have asked for any better evidence against this woman than the MTV footage showing it all. Again, a child’s welfare is potentially at stake in a home where MTV films. And another minor child witnessed this violence.

Jenelle in Jeopardy?

Jenelle is facing a custody battle and nasty accusations against her husband. It could be that MTV footage might be her downfall in court. While the event that allegedly left bruises on Kaiser wasn’t filmed, there is plenty of footage of Eason’s behavior that makes him look bad – possible bad enough to cost Jenelle a custody case.

According to an article from RadarOnline, the latest concerns are the safety of the pool at Jenelle and David’s home. Apparently, they’re breaking the law not having the pool are fenced. But that’s not all that angered fans. Jenelle was spotted on camera in her kitchen with a dozen prescription pill bottles on her counter in easy reach of her kids. According to the site this “could be putting her children in danger.”

What Is MTV Up To?

After one episode when David blew up at the kids, some fans called MTV asking them to intervene. The episode showed Eason’s temper on display while he refused to let Kaiser go use the bathroom even though the toddler insisted he had to poop. This was while they were away for a short trip for Jenelle’s birthday.

David’s language towards the children was vulgar in this episode and fans couldn’t believe production just filmed instead of calling the police. The MTV folks are there to film and observe, but with fans so upset, why don’t they intervene?

Producers Hands are Tied

According to Teen Mom Talk Now, the production team answered fan questions saying they have no control over how the parents treat their kids.

They said, “It’s not illegal to yell or scream at your kids, so, even if we don’t agree with how [a cast member] is parenting, we can not call the cops for something like that,” said one crew member. They added, “We can’t step in if that’s how someone parents.”

That has to be hard for the production team to witness and stay tight-lipped. It could be that their only recourse is to catch it on film and display these behaviors on air? Is this their only way to protect the kids?

MTV has shown other teen moms involved in dangerous (and possibly illegal) activity. Leah Messer frequently uses her phone and drives distracted with her children in the car. This is no laughing matter since, according to the CDC, over 3,000 people die every year from distracted drivers and hundreds of thousands more are injured.

Teen Mom 2: Leah Messer - phone distracted driving

Is MTV hoping viewers will make a ruckus on social media and call out the bad behavior so things change? Or perhaps Teen Mom 2 production hopes the moms (and dad) themselves will see how bad they look on camera and correct their behavior. We’ll probably never know what goes on at MTV as they decide what to air and what to hold back.

But if airing this controversial footage helps the children and puts an end to a potentially dangerous situation, let’s hope the people at Teen Mom 2 keep it up!

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