‘Teen Mom 2’ Shocker: Jenelle’s Son’s Disturbing Bruises Seen In Photos Held By CPS

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans may be facing more of a nightmare than the fans first realized now that CPS is holding some disturbing photos. A new report from Radar Online indicates that Child Protective Services is in possession of photos showing bruises discovered on her son Kaiser’s backside. 

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Bruises on Kaiser?

Reports indicate that Jenelle’s son said that, “David hit him with a stick.” Kaiser, who is just 4-years-old, allegedly came out with that answer when questioned about the bruises on his backside, according to his father Nathan Griffith. David Eason is Jenelle’s husband and Kaiser’s stepfather. The disturbing pictures of Kaiser’s bruises are now in the hands of CPS and local law enforcement.

Nathan and his mother, Doris Davidson, refused to hand over Kaiser to Jenelle after a recent visit. Kaiser’s dad and grandma claimed they withheld the child after they noticed several bruises on the toddler’s backside.


Teen Mom 2 Star’s Son Allegedly Has Five Bruises

Altogether there was said to be five bruises on Kaiser’s backside. These are shown in the pictures now in the hands of CPS says the website. Along with CPS, Columbus County, North Carolina authorities have those reportedly graphic pictures in their possession, Radar Online reported today.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans wonder what could cause bruises like this. Of course, it could be rough play with his siblings or an accident. No doubt CPS will dig in and find out what happened to the boy.

Did Kaiser Fall?

While kids that age do tend to fall, that might explain it if Kaiser had only one bruise. Given the info from Radar Online, it makes sense for CPS to look into the matter. Any time there is an allegation of child abuse, CPS takes it seriously.

This news comes just days after a 911 call made by Nathan. In this phone call, Nathan accused David Eason of hitting Kaiser with a stick.  Nathan is heard saying on the 911 call, ” I have pictures from the day I picked him up from yesterday…there is bruising now.”


Teen Mom 2 Nightmare- Was Jenelle’s Son Hit With A Stick?

When Nathan went to wipe his son’s bottom, he noticed the bruises. Once he spotted them, Nathan reportedly asked the tot how that happened. Nathan said his son revealed to him that, “David hit him with a stick.” This is what Nathan conveyed during the 911 call.

Nathan didn’t feel like anyone was hearing his concerns about those bruises. He felt they were a sign of abuse. He didn’t believe that anyone was taking him seriously. Nathan told the 911 operator before finishing up the call that he was upset, according to OK Magazine.


Nathan ‘Freaking Out’ on 911 Call

Kaiser’s dad can be heard saying, “I’m freaking out right now because I’m supposed to be dropping him off at 5 and I don’t want to give him back.” This dad sounds like he is beside himself and very upset. When Jenelle and Eason got wind of the abuse allegations, they took to social media to seemingly poke Nathan with a stick.

Jenelle ran to Twitter to defend Eason. Then Eason himself posted a rather taunting reply to the abuse allegations. He wrote, “Nobody will come between the bond we have and can’t wait to get you back today or tomorrow!” This post was directed at Kaiser, who is four and can’t read.

Janelle may have added insult to injury by posting the Father’s Day gift Kaiser made for Eason, his stepfather. Now that the authorities have pictures of the bruises allegedly caused by abuse things, may amp up a bit for the Teen Mom 2 fans when it comes to Jenelle and Eason.

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