‘Teen Mom 2′ Fans Spot Jenelle Evans’ Claws Emerge After Chelsea Houska’s Reveal

Teen Mom 2 fans seem to think, Jenelle Evans is aiming her jealousy at Chelsea Houska via Twitter. Fans of Teen Mom don’t need to use too much deductive reasoning to know who Jenelle has in her scope with her somewhat cryptic tweet.

It is only fair to say that Jenelle did not mention anyone by name. At the same time, it is also truthful to say that the 26-year-old Teen Mom star had posted her opinion online about hair extensions just shortly after Chelsea debuted her extensions online. It didn’t take long for Jenelle to paint a rather ugly picture of hair extension side effects.

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Splitting Hairs with Claws?

Chelsea posted a before and after picture of herself on Instagram, which is seen above. She let her fans know that she just got new hair extensions, and she’s happy that these are more permanent than the ones she’s used to that come on and off with a clip.

The fans sang Chelsea praises of how nice and natural her hair looked. Many were surprised to learn that she wore hair extensions of any type in the past. According to In Touch, many thought her beautiful full mane of hair was all natural.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 Loved The Full Look

She was given all types of complements online like “wow, it looks amazing, ” with another fan pointing out that she’s “always been gorgeous.” The compliments were plentiful, but there did seem to be at least one fly in the ointment.

Shortly after Chelsea debuted her locks, Jenelle hopped online to give a little lesson on hair extensions. Again, Jenelle didn’t mention Chelsea’s name but the fans seemed to know who she was referring to. Jenelle’s tweet is seen below.

These ‘Teen Moms’ are Grown Adults Now

Chelsea might be the most mature out of all the franchises cast members. She made a solid career out of  Teen Moms 2. Just a short time ago she didn’t stay for the full reunion show because she didn’t want all the drama.

Both Chelsea and her Teen Mom 2 nemesis Jenelle are 26-years-old, which is a stretch from being a “teen” as suggested by the title of the show. Chelsea offered up her fair share of drama in her younger days.  She’s been on the show for about eight years now, as has Jenelle.

The difference between the two stars of the MTV reality show is that one appears to have moved on from the teen behavior and she is acting like an adult of 26. The other is still wallowing in the same type of problems she experienced as a new teen mother, that would be Jenelle.

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Don’t eat watermelon seeds 🤰🏻

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Chelsea and Jenelle Live Polarized Lifestyles

Fans recognize this in both women. They slapped back with comments that pointed out the difference in the two Teen Mom 2 co-stars. One fan of the show commented on how Chelsea is an “amazing mother” and another slapped Jenelle by tweeting “You know you hit a low spot in life when you try to attack [Chelsea].”

Another Twitter user said ” [Chelsea] has respect and class. Is an amazing mother. Married an amazing man. While [you’re] still a train wreck at almost 30.” One person commented that they thought it was funny how the only thing she can hate about Chelsea is “her hair.”

Why is Jenelle’s Life Referred to as a “Train Wreck?”

Jenelle’s life is anything but running smoothly these days. She lives in a house that is sinking, she has a husband who was booted from Teen Mom 2, and she’s had the cops at her door for a well-check on the kids after a mystery caller requested one.

Her career on Teen Mom 2 is up in the air since she is wanting her demands met before signing a contract. Her demands put the producers of the show between a rock and a hard place.

Despite David Eason, her husband, being kicked off the show, Jenelle doesn’t want him to leave their home. Especially when the MTV cameras are there. That isn’t going to work for MTV having him in the scope of the camera. He was fired for what some consider homophobic tweets. Recent reports don’t look good for Jenelle’s fate on this show.

Watch Is On For Falling Hair?

So now that Jenelle had her say about hair extensions, she’s given the fans of the show something to do. That is to keep watch and see if Chelsea’s hair gets thin and falls out, which is her prediction for anyone wearing the semi-permanent hair extensions. Or do you detect a bit of jealousy coming from one Teen Mom whose life is a “train wreck” when she looks at the other Teen Mom who seems to have her head on straight — air extensions and all?

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