‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle’s Husband Tells Her To Quit The Show

Teen Mom 2 may have one less teen mom on board for the next season if Jenelle Evan’s husband gets his own way. David Eason is reportedly putting the pressure on his wife to quit the show. It sounds as if he has some selfish reasons behind urging her to walk away. What’s even worse for the Teen Mom fans, it looks like Jenelle may just do what her husband is telling her to do.

David is apparently going under the assumption that if they don’t want him, then they can’t have his wife. The latest report from the Hollywood Gossip indicates that it Eason gave Jenelle an ultimatum. Either she quits the show or he quits her, according to the media site. There may be a chance that she gives up her place on the show.

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Teen Mom 2 Lavish Lifestyle Down the Drain?

There is a horrific problem with this if she does follow Eason’s strong request. The income from Teen Mom 2 is what this family survives on. If she walks away from the show then any endorsements will be gone as well.

If Jenelle does quit they will be facing a future without the money they are used to as a family. But… the source said David doesn’t care. That is all well and fine now that they have all the finer things in life, but how will he feel when the money actually stops?

Water Still Simmering from Last Hot Water Episode

It seems that the MTV executives were considering firing Jenelle not too long ago because of her antics. They had a meeting about possibly showing her the door after she brandished a gun during a road rage incident.

The decision back then was to keep her as the “craziness” brings in the viewers, according to RadarOnline. It sounds as if she might be on thin ice already so will MTV be open to her resignation if one does sprout up?


Is This a Ploy Orchestrated To Get Eason Back On Teen Mom 2?

One can’t help but wonder if this pressure to have her quit is some kind of secret ploy conjured up by Eason. Does he think the thought of losing Jenelle will leave the MTV honchos with no other choice but to take him back to keep her? That’s a big gamble as he could very much be mistaken.

It doesn’t sound as if MTV would give into a take-me-and-you-get-my-wife-back routine if that is the road David is driving up. Then again it could be that he is secretly financially wealthy and Jenelle’s income is peanuts in his book. That’s a stretch for sure!

They Continue to Beat a Dead Horse

Eason was booted from Teen Mom 2 months back following disturbing transphobic tweets he posted. He wants back in but the show’s head honchos will have nothing to do with him. Jenelle has gone to bat for her husband since the day he was fired.

According to RadarOnline, she’s even hired a lawyer to argue the case with the MTV executives. That argument surrounds David being rehired, but no dice! MTV wouldn’t budge. Now Jenelle has refused to sign the contract for next season until some of her demands are met.

Is Teen Mom 2 Asking Too Much From Jenelle?

Jenelle’s contract demands center on Eason and his presence around the MTV cameras when they are filming Teen Mom 2.  Reports indicate that the producers don’t want Eason at home when the cameras come to a call on Jenelle.

Jenelle refuses to kick her husband out of his own home so that he is not there while they are filming. Quite a few fans have expressed they don’t blame Janelle for getting peeved over the show dictating Eason can’t be in his own home. But it stops there for the viewers.

Eason Wore Out His Welcome With Fans

Fans of the show have already seen too much out of Eason’s disturbing behavior. With one of the more recent incidents really getting their dander up. Eason erupted in a blow-up laced with vulgarity at the kids while they were getting ready to head home from a family getaway. This wasn’t all that long ago and it was caught on the Teen Mom 2 cameras and appeared on one of the episodes.

The fans were up in arms over the treatment of the kids. While there was name-calling aimed at Eason, the majority of the online comments were about genuine concern for the kids.

Why Can’t This Teen Mom 2 Mother Read the Writing On the Wall?

Will Jenelle jump ship and give up this income? If she does quit does she really believe David will pick up the slack for the money lost from that income? Does Jenelle believe when the money runs out David won’t run out as well?

So far the fans have seen Jenelle do a lot of things for the men in her life, will this be one of her biggest mistakes if she does listen to Eason? Only time will tell.

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