Jenelle Evans’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ Contract Demands Emerge And She’s Not Budging

All the cast members of Teen Mom 2 have signed on for the ninth season of the show except for Jenelle Evans. Up until this point, all that was known was that she was holding out until her demands were met.

The assumption was that Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 contract demands had to do with her husband David Eason, who was canned from the show. It looks like the fans’ speculation turned out to be true. According to what Reality Blurb is reporting today it is all about David.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Negotiate With Jenelle’s Lawyers

It seems that Jenelle won’t even talk with the powers-who-be at Teen Mom 2. All interaction between the show and the popular TV mom go through her lawyer. She is basically rejecting the contract unless Eason is in some way included on the show.

This has led to a complete stand-still as neither MTV or Jenelle are budging. What Jenelle wants is the filming to go on as it once did, with Eason at home. MTV cannot take the chance of having him on the show after severing ties with him due to homophobic tweets he posted a while back.

Let My Man Stay In His Castle

If MTV won’t budge about taking him back then Jenelle at least wants David to be at home while the Teen Mom 2 cameras are rolling. She doesn’t want him ousted from his own home while they are filming.

She doesn’t care if he gets airtime or not. Sources tell Reality Blurb that she just wants him around. She’s already stated her case to the MTV producers – she refuses to make David leave their home when they are filming.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Can’t Entice Jenelle With Pay Raise

While a pay raise might entice Jenelle to see things MTV‘s way, that is impossible for them to offer. The four original girls on the show reportedly have a clause in their contract. Supposedly none of the four original co-stars can make more money than the others.

The only cast member who is not an original is Brianna. The rest are veterans of the show and they’ve found themselves financially sound by staying put. According to Monsters & Critics, the various reports have the four original women making somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000 per season.

Another Cast Member Presents Contract Demands

Leah Messer also had some demands before signing her new contract, which included a professional makeup artist on set. She wanted her makeup done by this professional before the appearing on camera for each of the episodes.

Leah’s demands were shot down, but she signed the contract anyway. Different bonuses are negotiated for each of the women, so maybe MTV can sweeten the pot for Jenelle this way.

Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fate Has Fans Worried

Despite reports that MTV has been in contact with Jenelle’s lawyers daily for negotiations, the fans are worried. They are concerned about Jenelle’s fate on the show. Briana DeJesus was leaving the show, which she sprung on the producers when they met for the reunion show.

Since that time she was offered a “big pay raise,” writes Reality Blurb. Apparently, the amount she was offered by the Teen Mom 2 producers was enough to entice her to stay. She has signed on for season nine.

Stand By Your Man to the Extreme!

As Jenelle’s mom has said on the show, Jenelle always takes the side of the man she happens to be with. This is her career she is playing with but she won’t sign unless David is somehow in the picture.

Jenelle was already upset with the people at MTV after they refused to pay for David to accompany her to the Teen Mom 2 Reunion. That was filmed in NYC. When the MTV Movie and TV Awards came around last weekend, Jenelle was not happy that David wasn’t invited.

In a ‘Teen Mom 2’ Nutshell

As of today, Jenelle’s stipulations for signing the contract include David being able to stay at home while the cameras roll. She also wants MTV to pay for all his travel accommodations as they do for her when it is Teen Mom 2 related travel. That includes reunion shows and other events where filming will take place.

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