‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evan’s Past ‘Shoddy Parenting’ Comes Back To Bite Her

It’s pretty much a given that Jenelle Evans probably won’t win any parent of the year award soon. Still, there are some Teen Mom 2 fans sticking up for her today. Her latest round of Instagram postings seems to tell a story. Some fans may have misconstrued this story a bit due to Jenelle’s parenting history.

So how are this Teen Mom 2 star’s mothering skills working against her with fans today? While some are bashing Jenelle, others are sticking up for her. The Hollywood Reporter offers up a few facts, much like a disclaimer before putting in a good word in for Jenelle today.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Acts Like CPS Visits Are A Normal Mom Thing?

Granted, much of the criticism that surrounds Jenelle is of the self-induced kind, like last week’s hoopla over prescription pill bottles. Jenelle’s kitchen counter was riddled with at least a dozen bottles of pills and they were all within the reach of her little kids.

Jenelle talks about having at least 20 visits from Child Protective Services like it is an annoyance that comes along with motherhood. The Hollywood Reporter made sure to offer up the problems that are documented for this cast member before offering up a word of praise.

The media site goes as far as saying “anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 knows that Jenelle Evans is a bad mom.” With that said, they go on to report the latest round of hateful words aimed at Jenelle online today and they suggest that she might not deserve them.

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Every Picture Tells A Story For This ‘Teen Mom’

Janelle posted two pictures on Instagram to celebrate her son Kaiser’s fourth birthday. Both were rather nice, but generic when it comes to birthday photos. The first was a picture of her and her son with a caption about it being his birthday. That photo is seen above.

The second picture was Kaiser with his mom at his daycare celebrating his birthday with his friends. Some fans of Teen Mom 2 got online to slam Jenelle for this second photo at daycare. So what did they see that was so horrendous?

The photo did show the happy mom and son celebrating together but for some reason, it has disappeared from her Instagram. Still, Jenelle has made a habit of posting pictures of herself with the kids. Her Instagram page is very family oriented.  The second picture was of Jenelle and Kaiser cutting his birthday cake to share at daycare.

Janelle ‘Ditches’ Her Son on His Birthday!

The fans saw Jenelle’s son at daycare, but some read entirely much more into the picture. She was slammed for not keeping Kaiser home for his special day.

Jenelle was in the picture with her son as they cut the cake at daycare. Still, some fans saw this as a travesty and accused her of “ditching” her son on his fourth birthday.

It’s All About ‘Teen Mom’s’ Husband David… Again?

Many fans are tainted after witnessing what Jenelle lacked as a mom through the years. With that said, when she brought her son to daycare on his birthday some fans read more into it.

One fan of the show wrote, “He’s in daycare, so her husband David [Eason] doesn’t have to deal with him and that’s the kind of mom she is.” Other fans accused her of bringing him to daycare as a way of “ditching” her son for the day.

Media Site Steps Up to the Plate for This ‘Teen Mom 2’ Mom

This is where the Hollywood Reporter steps in. They made the disclaimer that it is a rare occurrence when they side with Jenelle, and this is one of them.

Jenelle is clearly joining in on the festivities in the picture and her son seems happy. Many of the fans commented on how they bring their own kids to daycare on their birthdays. Others offered how their own kids would rather be among their friends for their special day.

‘Give Her a Break!’

“Every kid LOVES going to school on their birthday,” wrote one fan. Another asked everyone to “give her a break.” Jenelle is there alongside her son doing what many parents do on their kid’s birthdays.

A Loophole for the ‘Teen Mom’ 2 Star

Is it so commonplace to slam Jenelle that when she does something that falls within the realm of good parenting people look for the loophole?

There is no denying that this Teen Mom 2 star needs to get their parenting act together. At the same time, if she makes these little strides in life, giving her credit when it’s due might work as an encouragement for her to do more.

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