‘Survivor’ Spoilers: It’s Tribe Swap Time – Two Exes Are Forced to Play Together

Survivor spoilers preview a potentially game-changing event for tonight’s episode of Winners at War. It’s time for the tribe swap, a twist that shuffles the current tribes, often resulting in major power shifts. Something that many of the former champions are dreading. Plus, Wendell Holland and Michele Fitzgerald, who used to date, end up in the same tribe. How will this affect their game?

Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Announces Tribe Swap on ‘Winners at War’

Survivor spoilers report it’s that time again. In the promo for the latest Winners at War episode “The Buddy System on Steroids,” Jeff Probst drops a bomb on the tribes. The remaining Survivor legends gather on the beach they marooned on at the beginning of the season. “The last time we were here, we divided into tribes,” Jeff says, “seems like a good enough reason to do it again”. He tells them to drop their buffs.

Then, he passes out the pouches that contain the castaways’ new tribe buffs. Obviously, most of them have been dreading the Survivor tribal swap because they’ve already established themselves in their current ones.

But now they’ll have to do it all again or face the threat of Edge of Extinction. Boston Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow are especially worried. Rob has a bad experience when tribes were swaps. Meanwhile, Parvati says, “Oh my gosh, I’m so nervous”. She was almost blindsided at the last Sele tribal council.

Exes Michele Fitzgerald & Wendell Holland Get Stuck Together

In the midst of the tribe swap, Michele Fitzgerald and Wendell Holland find themselves in the same tribe. Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except for the fact that the two have a bit of a romantic history. Apparently, the Survivor: Kaoh Rong winner started dating Wendell shortly after he won Ghost Island. 

It seems that the relationship was short, but not much else is clear about the timeline. Yet, they haven’t addressed their relationship on Survivor: Winners at War until now. Here are some pictures of Michele Fitzgerald and her then boyfriend Wendell Holland around the time they were dating.

Survivor: Winners at War Spoilers: Wendell Holland - Michele Fitzgerald Survivor: Winners at War Spoilers: Wendell Holland - Michele Fitzgerald

Survivor Spoilers: Michele ‘Stranded’ With Wendell

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, Michele Fitzgerald asks, “how did I get stuck stranded on an island with my ex-boyfriend?” Although it doesn’t seem like she’s too upset at the idea of her and Wendell Holland being forced to work together in order to stay in the game. In fact, she actually sounds more amused at the irony of their situation. Will they be able to work together?

Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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