‘Survivor’ LEAK: Final Three ‘Winners at War’ Castaways Revealed?

Survivor leaks revealed two castaways that make it to the final three on Winners at War. A CBS insider says that there will be two females (Natalie Anderson & Michele Fitzgerald) and one unnamed male sitting at the Final Tribal Council.

According to the Survivor source, Natalie Anderson will return from Edge of Extinction on a redemption mission. Michele Fitzgerald will be the other woman in the final three that has a chance for the two million dollars. So, the guy sitting at the finale could be one of four: Tony Vlachos, Yul Kwon, Nick Wilson or Jeremy Collins. So, what are their odds?

Survivor: Winners at War – Natalie Anderson Makes Major Comeback

Currently, Natalie Anderson is living on the Edge of Extinction after becoming the first Winners at War castaway to be voted off the island. But a recent rumor points toward her Survivor journey being far from over. An insider, who correctly leaked Sandra Diaz-Twine’s blindside, says that Natalie is one of the two EoE returnees alongside Tyson Apostol.

So, not only will Natalie win her way back into the game, but she’ll also make it all the way to the final three. Survivor fans know that Natalie used clever strategies to manipulate others in San Juan del Sur. And she also wasn’t bad at challenges with a total of 13 wins in one season.

It’s not hard to believe Natalie Anderson could make it far if she returns. Plus, she’s making connections with all the Survivor Edge of Extinction residents, who will eventually be the jury. An account by the name of Basic Stich Colorado made a doll version of Natalie.

Survivor: Winners at War: Natalie Anderson

Michele Fitzgerald Survives Backlash From Going Against Tribe?

In last week’s episode, Michele Fitzgerald voted with Parvati Shallow against the majority of her Sele tribemates. One of which is her ex-boyfriend, Wendell Holland, who was actually the one that the two Survivor women were targeting. But they couldn’t secure enough votes and Parvati was sent packing. This leaves Michele to face the consequences of her actions.

Yet, according to the production insider, Michele manages to outwit, outplay, and outlast all the way until the Final Tribal Council. But will she have done enough to have a successful campaign to be the Sole Survivor of Winners at War?

The Third Castaway in the Final Three Could Be One of Four Guys

Our inside source confirms Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald making the Survivor final three. Yet, they aren’t telling which guy will be joining them. Reportedly, it could be Yul Kwon, Jeremy Collins, Nick Wilson, or Tony Vlachos. The source hints that it’s Tony as the only man at the Final Tribal Council.

Other Survivor leaks floating around seem to support that it could be the Jersey police officer. However, these are not confirmed. Tony has toned down his antics during the early days of Winners at War, but he’s starting to fall into old habits. Are spy shacks enough to get him to the end?

Survivor: Winners at War: Yul Kwon - Nick Wilson - Tony Vlachos - Jeremy Collins

Survivor: Possible Final Four Caught Hanging Out

A couple of weeks ago Natalie Anderson shared a video of herself in a car with some familiar faces. Michele Fitzgerald and Tony Vlachos, the two could be in the final three with, along with Nick Wilson joined her. The three of them live in New Jersey, so it’s not too strange that they were getting together. Nick was there for Michele’s watch party. But it wouldn’t be crazy to read a little further into it.

Winners at War airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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