‘Survivor: Winners at War’ – Three New Jersey Champions Returning for Season 40

Survivor: Winners at War is going to see the return of three New Jersey residents including Michele Fitzgerald, Tony Vlachos, and Natalie Anderson. Although each of them had their own strategy that brought them to the end, they have their home state in common. Is enough to allow them to form an alliance or are their gameplay styles too different?

Survivor: Winners at War – Tony Vlachos Is a Force from New Jersey

Like Russell Hantz, NJ police officer Tony Vlachos is a fan favorite Survivor villain. He made his debut on Cagayan where he lied, manipulated and backstabbed his way to the end. One of his most memorable tactics was building “spy-shacks” to listen in on other castaways and get some major intel. Ultimately, the New Jersey police officer’s strong gameplay earned him the million-dollars by a vote of 8-1. How far will his evil ways take him on Winners at War?

But sadly, when Tony returned for Survivor: Game Changers the target on his back was too much for him to handle. Sandra Diaz-Twine turned the entire tribe against him and sent him home. Will he get his revenge on Winners at War?

Winners at War: New Jersey player Natalie Anderson’s Evolving Strategy

When Natalie Anderson first started her game on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, she was playing alongside her twin sister Nadiya Anderson. But her New Jersey sister was the first casualty of the season and her only ally was gone. Yet, it wasn’t the end for Natalie because the New Jersey woman integrated herself into the power alliance and flew under the radar for some time. Will her strategies work when playing against 11 of the best players on Winners at War?

Then, when her closest Survivor ally, Jeremy Collins, was blindsided at a Tribal Council, Natalie changed her game. She started playing more aggressively and get revenge for her eliminated ally. The second half of her time in the game is what really swayed some of the jurors in her favor.

Survivor: Kaoh Rong Champion Michele Fitzgerald

29-year-old Michele Fitzgerald is remembered for her positive attitude and impressive social game. The New Jersey native used her personality to her advantage on Survivor: Kaoh Rong. After joined the majority alliance, Michele was sitting pretty. But both tribes she was a part of won immunity for the first six Tribal Councils. Which was a total of 22 days before Michele sat down at one. It happens to be a record she holds with Nick Maiorano and Chris Noble.

After the merge, Michele won individual immunity twice and only received two votes against her out of every Tribal. She secured her spot in the Final Tribal Council and also earned herself an unprecedented power. Michele could prevent one juror from attending and casting a vote for the Sole Survivor. In a 5-2-0 vote, the Jersey girl became the victor.

Winners at War premieres February 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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