‘Survivor’ LEAK: Natalie Anderson Exits First From ‘Winners at War?’

Survivor: Winners at War leaks hint at an early elimination for Natalie Anderson, the winner of San Juan del Sur. Not only is Natalie missing in a lot of the promotional footage and photos, but she also might have spoiled her own boot via an online posting. Is she going to be the first castaway on Edge of Extinction or was she just trolling Survivor fans?

Survivor: Winners at War – Day 1 Immunity Challenge Sends Natalie Anderson Packing?

According to Jeff Probst, there’s an immediate physical challenge for immunity when the Survivor: Winners at War castaways maroon.

Survivor: Winners at War will start out with two tribes. Dakal will wear red buffs while Sele will be in blue. It appears the first challenge between the two tribes will be a wrestling-related water challenge.

In Survivor promos we see what might be the next challenge. It shows Sandra Diaz-Twine not playing and sitting off to the side. This means her Survivor: Winners at War tribe, Dakal, most likely won the first challenge and was forced to sit out an extra player, Sandra. This means the Sele tribe probably voted out one of their own.

Sandra,  Nick Wilson, Kim Spradlin, Sarah Lacina, Tony Vlachos, Sophie Clarke, Tyson Apostol, Yul Kwon, Wendell Holland and Boston Rob’s wife Amber Brkich Mariano are the ten players on Survivor: Winners at War Dakal tribe.

Meanwhile, Boston Rob Mariano, Natalie Anderson, Ben Driebergen, Adam Klein, Danni Boatwright, Ethan Zohn, Denise Stapley, Jeremy Collins and Parvati Shallow belong to the Sele tribe.

From all of the Survivor promotional footage, Natalie Anderson is surprisingly absent. Everyone in Sele else can be seen in at least one other challenge. This is a major hint that the New Jersey girl Natalie Anderson gets her torch snuffed first.

Survivor: Winners at War: Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson Possibly Leaks Early Boot With Instagram Picture

Earlier this week, Natalie Anderson added a photo to social media that sent Survivor super-fans into a frenzy. In it was a plaque that read, “life’s short, message him first”. Although it appeared to be a simple phrase, the word “first” stuck out and had fans overflowing with questions. Did Natalie Anderson just indirectly confirm her own elimination?

Survivor: She Might Be Trolling – Or Referring to Something Else

The possible meanings behind the post are endless. Natalie Anderson could be referencing anything under the sun. Firstly, she might be implying that she might be the first boot but also is first to come back from Edge of Extinction. Or maybe Natalie’s having a little bit of fun and is trolling fans.

Winners at War premieres February 12 at 8 pm on CBS.

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