‘Survivor’: Full Cast Leaked for Next Season All-Stars ‘Winners at War’ – Includes Parvati – See Full List

Survivor 40 news teases the full cast of million-dollar winners returning for the show’s 40th season. Next season, Survivor 40 will be entitled Winners at War.

While Survivor: Island of the Idols is still playing out on TV, most fans are looking forward to next year for an intense competition.

Players leaked to be returning to Survivor 40 are Pavarti Shallow and Nick Wilson. But with so many Sole Survivors vying for another chance to win the game, you don’t wanna miss it. In addition, two time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine will return. So, will she be voted out quickly or go to the end? Keep reading for the entire list of returning players.

Survivor News: Twenty Former Castaways Returning For ‘Winners at War’

It’s the season every Survivor fan has been waiting for. The 40th season, takes on a special theme to commemorate the occasion. Winners at War will be exactly what the name suggests, previous winners like Pavarti Shallow, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Nick Wilson fighting for the crown. Inside Survivor was the first to break the news with the theme and the spoiled cast list.

The Leaked List

Here’s the entire group of winners returning to you screens early next year:

Ethan Zohn, 40, New York, Survivor: Africa

Amber Mariano, 40, Florida, All-Stars

Danni Boatwright, 43, Kansas, Guatemala

Yul Kwon, 44, California, Cook Islands

Pavarti Shallow, 36, California, Micronesia

Sandra Diaz-Twine, 44, North Carolina, Pearl Islands & Heroes vs. Villains

Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, 43, Florida, Redemption Island

Sophie Clark, 29, New York, South Pacific

Kim Spradlin, 36, Texas, One World

Denise Stapley, 48, Iowa, Philippines

Tyson Apostol, 39, Utah, Blood vs. Water

Tony Vlachos, 45, New Jersey, Cagayan

Natalie Anderson, 33, New Jersey, San Juan del Sur

Jeremy Collins, 41, Massachusetts, Survivor: Cambodia

Michele Fitzgerald, 28, New Jersey, Kaoh Rong

Adam Klein, 28, California, Millenials vs. Gen-X

Sarah Lacina, 35, Iowa, Game Changers

Ben Driebergen, 36, Idaho, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Wendall Holland, 35, Pennsylvania, Ghost Island

Nick Wilson, 28, Kentucky, David vs. Goliath.

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Survivor: Official CBS Announcement Coming Soon!

While the cast for the upcoming season is already been spoiled, CBS hasn’t made an official announcement just yet.

There is also a new twist to Survivor 40 called “Fire Tokens”. Think of the tokens as money – it should be interesting.

But it should be coming with the ending of Survivor: Island of the Idols later this month. CBS always makes the official reveal for the following season at the finale when they announce the winner. Because the season is set to start in February 2020 and we cannot wait.

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