‘Survivor’: Boston Rob Mariano – Who Is the Fan Fav Teaming up with for ‘Winners at War?’

Survivor: Winners at War is getting closer and Boston Rob Mariano shares some of his game plan for season 40. There’s no doubt he’s gonna try and work with his wife and the mother of his children, Amber Mariano. But there’s a big obstacle between then now. Also, Boston Rob said he’d like to work with Parvati Shallow because she’s a major player.

Survivor: Winners at War – Boston Rob Mariano Has Been Thinking of Alliances Since ‘Last Season’

It’s never too early to start planning your Survivor domination, according to Survivor Hall of Fame inductee Boston Rob Mariano in an interview with ET Canada. Apparently, Boston Rob is always “thinking about alliances. I was thinking about alliances last season”. This isn’t a terrible idea since Winners at War includes the best of the best.

Boston Rob hasn’t played the game since winning Redemption Island way back in 2011. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be a huge threat in the upcoming season 40 of Survivor. In fact, he has plans to align with several different castaways.

Survivor: Boston Rob Has Racked up Records and Experience

Boston Rob knows the game because he’s played on four separate seasons. He is tied with Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields, and Rupert Boneham for the most number of seasons played. When he starts playing Survivor: Winners at War, it will be his 5th season and he will hold a new record for the most number of seasons on Survivor.

At one time Rob Mariano held the record for the most numbers of days played on Survivor. An incredible 117 days. Then he was beat out by both Ozzy Lusth (128 days) and Cirie Fields (121 days). However, neither Ozzy nor Cirie is playing in Winners at War, so Boston Rob may get his record back if he can survive 11 days.

Boston Rob Mariano also holds a degree in psychology from Boston University. That may explain how he uses Jedi Mind Tricks on other players to convince them to do things his way.

When Rob won season 22 (Survivor: Redemption Island), he did it by convincing his entire alliance to stay in one group and never talk to other castaways without him. This ensured that he was never blindsided, because his alliance members could not make any side deals. At one point, Rob had a mini-meltdown and broke down crying. Then he said he needed to put on his “big boy” pants and get back in the game. Which he did – and won.

Boston Rob along with his wife Amber Brkich were on season 7 of The Amazing Race. Rob and Amber were able to run rings around other players with clever tactics and ploys learned from Survivor. Rob was able to convince other players to do things against their self-interest, like not compete in challenges and take a 4-hour penalty instead.

Amber and Rob Mariano were the only couple to never come in last on a leg and they finished in 2nd place on The Amazing Race. And more amazing, they never argued. If the couple survives until the merge on Winners at War, they will be a power-couple with a huge target on their backs.

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Will Rob Mariano Have to Vote Out Amber Mariano?

In a preview for Winners at War, we hear Boston Rob Mariano talking about his history with the franchise. “I met my wife [Amber Mariano] on Survivor. We have four daughters. It’d be really messed up if they have to see daddy vote momma off,” says Mariano.

But luckily for Boston Rob, Amber is in the Dakal tribe, while he’s starting off with the Sele. So, at least he won’t have to vote his wife off Survivor right away. If they make the merge or are swapped into the same tribe, it’s obvious they’ll try to work together. Boston Rob said, “I know I got someone in this game I can trust 100%”.

Survivor: Parvati Shallow & Boston Rob Form Power Alliance?

If Rob Mariano got the choice to work with one person in season 40, he says it would be Parvati Shallow. “She understands all aspects of the game. She’s always a threat to win”. Yet, Mariano said, “I know she’s feeling the heat out here too. I know that she considers herself a threat, but I think she’s smart enough to come to me and realize that we have some common ground where we can probably work together”.

However, Parvati has reasons to get Boston Rob booted early in Survivor: Winners at War. Parvati had played a record-breaking 114 days until Boston Rob took her crown. If she can play for two weeks and play for 3 days more than Rob, she will get her record back. However, in a way, Parvati’s record is more impressive as she’s racked up her days in less seasons.

When talking about the effectiveness of a team-up with Parvati, Boston Rob says, “the two of us, I think would be pretty unstoppable”. Since Parvati and Rob are both in Sele, it would be awesome to see these two legends pull together and dominate.

Winners at War premieres February 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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