‘Survivor’ LEAK: Sandra Diaz-Twine Booted Next and Quits Edge of Extinction?

Survivor: Winners at War leak teases Sandra Diaz-Twine being the next castaway arriving at the Edge of Extinction.

Last week on Survivor: Winners at War, legend Boston Rob Mariano got the boot from the newly-formed Yara tribe. And now it’s looking like Sandra Diaz-Twine could be next. At least, according to a Twitter account claiming to work for CBS’s. So, what’s the scoop for the upcoming episode of Winners at War?

Boston Rob Blindsided By His New ‘Survivor’ Tribemates – Is Sandra Diaz-Twine Next?

The last episode, “The Buddy System on Steroids” saw the Winners at War castaways drop their buffs for the dreaded tribe swap.

Not only would they be swapped into different tribes, Survivor host and showrunner Jeff Probst also introduced a new tribe called Yara. It included Rob Mariano, Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, Sarah Lacina, and Sophie Clark.

Despite sitting pretty for the first couple of weeks, Boston Rob lost his alliance partner Parvati Shallow to the swap. Also, he found himself at odds with the tribe after demanding a buddy system be put in place. In a unanimous vote, Boston Rob let Jeff snuff his torch and headed to Extinction Island. But it might not be the last we see of the Survivor legend.

Now, it appears Sandra Diaz-Twine may join both Rob and his wife Amber. Sandra had a large part in Amber getting sent to Edge of Extinction.

Survivor LEAK: “The Queen” Booted At Double Tribal Council

According to a source that is close to CBS production, Sandra Diaz-Twine goes home tomorrow night. From the description for this week’s Survivor: Winners at War episode, two tribes go to tribal council and eliminate one of their own.

It appears, the Dakal loses the immunity challenge and target Sandra, much like Yara did with Boston Rob.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Makes HUGE Mistake – Gives Away Idol?

Yet, although Sandra currently holds the immunity idol she traded her fire token to Natalie Anderson for, she gives it away. If true, this is a mistake that rivals Erik giving away his immunity necklace or James leaving with two idols in his pocket when he only had to more tribals to play them in.

While it’s unclear when exactly the self-dubbed Survivor Queen hands off her only advantage, she reportedly gives it to Denise Stapley, her tribemate. But the rest of the group revolt and send her to the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor LEAK: Sandra Quits and Leaves ‘Edge of Extinction’

We know from watching the pregame interviews that Sandra Diaz-Twine wasn’t excited about Survivor‘s Edge of Extinction twist. In fact, Sandra seemed extremely opposed to the idea. She specifically said that “I don’t wanna go there”.

Plus, we know that at least one castaway quits from Edge of Extinction and if Sandra does get booted this week, it’s looking more and more like she’s the one who decides to go home. Watch Winners at War tomorrow night at 8/7 on CBS to find out.

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