‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst Says Sandra Diaz-Twine Had ‘Zero’ Chance at the Edge of Extinction

Survivor host Jeff Probst had some interesting comments about Sandra Diaz-Twine quitting Edge of Extinction. Sandra didn’t buy into the EoE hype and left almost as soon as she got there on Winners at War.

But Sandra’s decision wasn’t surprising to Jeff Probst. He said that Sandra had no chance of getting back into Survivor: Winners at War and told why.

Survivor: Winners at War – Sandra Diaz-Twine Quits

Last month Soap Dirt reported a leak from a CBS source that Denise Stapley would blindside Sandra Diaz-Twine. We also reported two weeks before the Survivor episode aired that Sandra would make the journey to the Edge of Extinction and would quit Survivor.

So, it was no surprise to our readers that Sandra wasn’t staying with the rest of the banished Winners at War castaways. “I already know this is not for me,” the Queen of Survivor said once arriving on the beach.

Sandra said, “I’m not gonna sit here for 23 days trying to fight my way through a challenge to get back in… It ain’t gonna happen”.

Sandra Diaz-Twine says that she’s accomplished every possible thing she could in her Survivor career. There’s nothing she hasn’t done. It wasn’t worth it for her to struggle the entire time on Edge of Extinction for something nearly impossible. So, the two-time winner is hanging up her crown and retiring.

Jeff Probst Says Sandra Had ‘Zero Chance’ at Winning

Host Jeff Probst dished on the latest episode in a recent interview. But instead of being disappointed in Sandra Diaz-Twine’s departure, Jeff wasn’t shocked at all. In fact, he was surprised at Survivor fans for not seeing it coming.

“We named the sit-out bench the ‘Sandra bench’ Jeff said. “There was zero-point-zero chance that Sandra was going to win a challenge against the group of players already assembled at the Edge”. This makes sense as the comeback challenges are always extremely physical.

There were a total of eight challenges while Sandra was still playing on Winners at War. But she only participated in four out of those eight. The other four challenges she sat on the bench four as an extra castaway. So, she really participated in half of the challenges.

Survivor: Winners at War: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Survivor Spoilers: Next Episode is the Merge and an EoE Return

According to Jeff Probst, next week’s episode “This Is Where the Battle Begins,” is going to be full of drama. Not only will all of the tribes be merging together, but an Edge of Extinction resident will make their return. Previously, Soap Dirt leaked that Tyson Apostol and Natalie Anderson would be the EoE returnees and also who makes it to the finals.

Winners at War airs Wednesday night at 8 pm on CBS.

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