‘Survivor’ LEAK: Both Edge of Extinction Returnees Revealed?

Survivor leaks reveal the identities of the two Edge of Extinction returnees on Winners at War. According to a CBS insider, Tyson Apostol and Natalie Anderson will be the ones to win their way back into the game.

Despite their drastically different Survivor playing styles, these two have possibly played the best out of the Edge of Extinction residents. Does either of them have what it takes to win it all?

CBS Survivor: Winners at War – Extinction Island Full of Legends

If we look at the current residents on the Edge of Extinction, pretty much all of the greats have been voted out. Denise Stapley just double-crossed the Queen of Survivor Sandra Diaz-Twine and sent her to the desolate island. Plus, Parvati Shallow was booted out by her tribe as well during the double-elimination.

And the other previously eliminated Winners at War castaways are some of the ‘greatest’ to play the game. But this monumental season of Survivor has brought on new challenges that even they couldn’t navigate. Its why they’re currently banished to Edge of Extinction. Yet, one or more will have the chance to return to the game. Who will it be?

Tyson Apostol Becomes First Edge of Extinction Returnee

According to an anonymous insider that goes by the name “Spoiler Girl,” Tyson Apostol will be the first Survivor: Winners at War EoE returnee. In an admittedly rookie mistake, Tyson got a little too comfortable with his perceived position in the Dakal tribe. Obviously, it ended with Jeff Probst snuffing out his torch and Tyson didn’t see it coming. Yet, he wasn’t too upset at his elimination.

Previously, Tyson made a name for himself with his “villainous” behavior and skills as a strategist. But this season of Survivor he appeared to play more of a wallflower role. Although he’s on the Edge of Extinction, Tyson isn’t giving up. He successfully traded Parvati an advantage for one fire token that he used to buy peanut butter. He intends to use it to keep his strength up come competition time.

Natalie Anderson Voted Out First – Now Second Survivor Edge of Extinction Return Player

Sadly, Natalie Anderson didn’t get much of a chance to implement a strategy of any kind this Survivor season. She was the unfortunate first victim of a tribal council. But Natalie is actually thriving on the Edge of Extinction instead of it’s intended purpose to cause difficulty for residents.

Besides Tyson Apostol, Natalie Anderson is the only other Extinction Island resident to find a reward. Yet, instead of just one, Natalie has found a total of three Survivor advantages and has successfully traded all of them for a fire token each. Also, she got one for carrying twenty pieces of firewood to the beach. This means she has a total of four tokens and can buy the best advantage in the returnee challenge. But does she have what it takes to pull it off?

Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on CBS.

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