‘Survivor’: Sandra Diaz-Twine Claps Back at Russell Hantz Insult

Survivor legend Sandra Diaz-Twine is facing some major criticism from two-time runner up Russell Hantz. Russell took a shot at her self-dubbed title ‘the Queen’ and Sandra is “overrated”.

Although some fans agree with Russell Hantz, others think he’s a little salty. But, Sandra herself had a little something to say about his putting her on blast. Keep reading to see what the current Winners at War castaway had to say.

Survivor History: Sandra Diaz-Twine Beat Russell Hantz on Heroes vs. Villains

Both Sandra Diaz-Twine and Russell Hantz competed together on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains as members of the ‘Villains’ tribe. But were members of opposing alliances within the tribe and were often at odds with one another. While Russell Hantz joined up with Parvati Shallow and Danielle DiLorenzo, Sandra was leading the majority alliance that included Boston Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol.

In the end, it was Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati, and Russell Hantz sitting at the Final Tribal Council. The jury criticized Russell for his constant betrayal and entitled attitude. The jury felt that Parvati (at the time) had not done anything noteworthy. Sandra however, was praised for her social game. They crowned her the Sole Survivor in a 6-3-0 vote.

Russell Hantz Calls Out “The Queen” on His Podcast

Despite how contestants felt about him, Russell Hantz is one of the notable Survivor villains for his antics. In fact, some fans think he was robbed both times he made it to final tribal council. With his reality show fame, he created his own podcast mainly covering Survivor topics.

In one of his latest episodes when talking about Winners at War, Russell had some words for Sandra Diaz-Twine. He called her the “most overrated player in Survivor history”. How did “The Queen” respond when she heard about what he said?


Survivor News: Sandra Diaz-Twine Claps Back

If there’s one thing Sandra Diaz-Twine isn’t afraid to do, it’s speaking her mind. That’s exactly how she handled Russell Hantz’s burn. When a fan asked her if she’d heard about it on social media, Sandra said this, “poor thing he just wants to stay relevant”.

Survivor: Sandra Diaz-Twine - Twitter

But that’s all Sandra Diaz-Twine had to say about Russell Hantz. There are more important things on her mind. She’s a little pre-occupied with the current season Winners at War airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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