‘Survivor’: Fire Tokens – The New ‘Winners at War’ Twist – What Are Fire Tokens?

Survivor: Winners at War has a new twist called Fire Tokens. This never-before-seen currency is adding another layer to the already complex game of survival. Not only could they possibly give one of the former champions an advantage, but they can also use them to barter with banished castaways. In a recent interview with EW, Jeff Probst explained the concept of fire tokens. So, keep reading for the full rundown on Survivor‘s new currency.

Survivor: What Are Fire Tokens – Jeff Probst Explains Twist

Jeff Probst says that the upcoming season Survivor: Winners at War‘s new twist is called a “fire token”. It ties in with another twist that Survivor is bringing back for its special 40th season, which is the ‘Edge of Extinction’ from two seasons ago that gave booted castaways the chance to return to the game. But we’ll get to that part down below.

According to Jeff, the Survivor fans should think of fire tokens as money. During season 40, each player will start Winners at War with one token. Then, if they’re voted off the island, they must “will it or bequeath it to somebody still in the game”. And while tribes can use their tokens to buy “food, items, or advantages,” there’s a more strategic use for them.

Jeff Explains Edge of Extinction & Fire Token Connection

Although the Winners at War castaways will arrive at the Edge of Extinction with no fire tokens, they can acquire them. Jeff Probst says that Extinction residents can “barter” with the current players in the game for their tokens. This works out because banished Survivor castaways can earn advantages that can only be used by those that are still playing.

So, Jeff says “supply and demand” allows the fire token trades to work. Not only does it benefit the active player, but the eliminated one can use their tokens to earn an advantage in the “return challenge” on Winners at War.

Survivor: Advantages Get Better Further Into the Season

For the incredibly strategic returners this season, everyone has the ability to borrow fire tokens from other players. Or, Jeff Probst says the active castaways in “cahoots” can pool their money to buy an advantage. But, he also shared that the further we get into the season and the fewer players left, the better the advantages are going to get. So, maybe those castaways should save up their tokens for something that’s going to make or break their game.

Winners at War premieres on Wednesday, February 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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