‘Survivor’: Why Did Wendell Holland and Michele Fitzgerald Break Up?

Survivor exes Wendell Holland and Michele Fitzgerald recently had to face one another after an unfortunate tribe swap on Winners at War. While they actually worked together despite the occasional drama, it has fans wondering what caused the two to break up in the first place. Michele and Wendell appeared to be on two different pages when talking about their relationship. So, why did they split?

Survivor: Wendell Holland & Michele Fitzgerald Swapped Into Same Tribe

Many Survivor viewers were not aware of a romantic past between winner Wendell Holland and winner Michele Fitzgerald. It wasn’t until this season when the two were swapped into the Sele tribe on Winners at War that the two started talking about their shared past. The two had some kind of romantic involvement that didn’t end on the best terms.

Wendell described the time he spent with Michele as “kicking it”. Yet Michele, the Survivor: Kaoh Rong champion, seems to think it was a little more serious. She calls to Wendell her “ex-boyfriend” and says that he “wronged” her.

Although there was tension between the two, as shown through their constant bickering at tribal council, they managed to agree to target Yul Kwon.

 He Claims They Only ‘Casually Dated’

In an interview with EW’s Dalton Ross, Wendell Holland dished on his fling with Michele Fitzgerald. According to the furniture designer, they “casually dated”. They were seeing each other from the time his winning season Survivor: Ghost Island was airing until a little bit after the season ended. But from Michele’s comments it may have been more serious.

The two appeared to be close when looking at their social media interactions. Michele even posted a sweet birthday message for Wendell at one point. But that was as far as their relationship went, says Wendell. He wasn’t sure why Michele referred to him as her “boyfriend” and them having been in a “relationship”.

Wendell claims Michele may have played up the drama for the camera in order to keep others from realizing they were working together. In the case that she was serious, Wendell apologized for “hurting” her.

Survivor: Winners at War Spoilers: Wendell Holland - Michele Fitzgerald

Survivor: Why Did Michele Fitzgerald & Wendell Holland Break Up?

According to Michele Fitzgerald, she sees their time together totally different. While she hasn’t gone into details of how he hurt her, she does say he “wronged” her and that lead to their breakup.

Most fans think Wendell “cheated” on Michelle because she has said several times that he “wronged” her. And, it hurt her enough that she does not want to see him make it to the end.

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