‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Champions with Bizarre Jobs – Sex Therapist, Furniture Designer and More

Survivor plays host to people of all backgrounds and some of them have rather out of the ordinary professions. Winners at War will see the return of a few of those castaways including Wendell Holland, Danni Boatwright, Denise Stapley, and Tyson Apostol. And there’s everything from a furniture designer, to a sex therapist. Can any of these bizarre backgrounds give them a leg up in the competition?

Survivor: Wendell Holland Creates Furniture

Philadelphia native Wendell Holland made his Survivor debut on the spooky season Ghost Island. His strong social game gave him the ability to connect with the right players. Which landed Wendell in both of the dominant alliances in each tribe.

Eventually, Wendell made it to the Final 3 by winning the fire-making challenge. Then, the jury vote ended with a tie between him and Domenick Abbate. So, the other remaining castaway, Laurel Johnson cast the tiebreaker and named Wendell the Sole Survivor.

What Survivor fans may not know about Wendell is that he used to have a cushy career in the legal field. Now he’s the owner of his own furniture company, Beve Unlimited, where he creates pieces out of reclaimed wood. Will this skill help him on Winners at War?

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Danni Boatwright the Sports DJ

30-year-old Danni Boatwright snuck her way to the end of Survivor: Guatemala by playing what might be the stealthiest game in franchise history. Not only that, but she possessed an advantage won at an auction that allowed her to win a crucial Immunity Challenge.

This resulted in the remaining players turning on each other and consequently forgetting about Danni and allowing her to worm herself into the cracks of their alliance. So, she made it all the way to the Final Tribal Council, where she beat returnee Stephenie LaGrossa in a 6-1 vote.

Danni was a sports radio host when she competed on her winning Survivor season. This is pretty impressive because it’s typically a male-dominated field, especially 13 years ago. Since then, Danni has moved into fashion and owns her sports clothing store, Sideline Chic.

Is Denise Stapley the ‘Survivor’ Sex Therapist?

Despite being on the worst losing streak in franchise history, Denise Stapley somehow managed to use it to her advantage on Survivor: Philippines. Denise had the ability to integrate herself into failing and desperate alliances to keep herself from being voted out. Not to mention she did have a hand in ending Malcolm Freberg and Jonathan Penner’s games. Ultimately, this interesting strategy carried her all the way to the end, where she beat out her competition.

But what might be the most interesting thing about Denise is her profession. The 48-year-old isn’t only the oldest to champion return in Winners at War, she’s also a sex therapist. Which is something she could definitely use to manipulate the other legends returning for the once-in-a-lifetime season 40.

Survivor: Former Professional Cyclist Tyson Apostol

An infamous villain during his time on Survivor, Tyson Apostol is a fan favorite for his insulting confessionals and silly behavior. He competed on 3 different seasons: Tocantins, Heroes vs Villains, and Blood vs Water. But it wasn’t until his third time around that Tyson came out victorious. He learned from his previous mistakes and developed a more strategic mindset that allowed him to become the Sole Survivor in the end.

Tyson used to be a professional cyclist, which is pretty out there. Not a lot of people get to do what they love for a living, even though they should. This is probably where he built his athletic ability that helped him dominate in competitions. Will it help him in his bid to be the champion of Winners at War.

Season 40 premieres on Wednesday, February 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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