‘Survivor’: Adam Klein, Denise Stapley and More ‘Winners at War’ Achievements

Survivor‘s 40th season titled ‘Winners at War’ will see the return of former champions such as Adam Klein and Denise Stapley. On this season 40 Adam (28) is the youngest competitor and Denise (48) is the oldest. A few of the incoming returnees are going to be setting some Winners at War accomplishments that are too interesting to ignore.  Boston Rob Mariano will be playing for the fifth time in a franchise first. Plus, he and his wife Amber Brkich Mariano are the only pair of Sole Survivors to get married. Also, Nick Wilson has played most recently.

Survivor: Millennial Adam Klein Returns

Adam Klein was 25-years-old when he competed on Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. The self-entitled “superfan” may have been average in challenges, but his social and strategic mindset made up for it. In fact, despite misplaying two Hidden Immunity Idols, Adam still made it to the Final 4. The jurors respected his gameplay so much that his Sole Survivor title came unanimously.

For this upcoming season, Winners at War, Adam is now 28-years-old and the youngest castaway in the running. Also, his gap between Survivor seasons is smaller than a lot of the others, so that may give him the upper hand.

Will Denise Stapley’s Age Better Her Game?

Much like Adam Klein, Denise Stapley’s physical gameplay on Survivor: Philippines was severely lacking. The sex therapist’s tribe, the Matsing, were pretty terrible at working together. Which meant they lost every single challenge leading up to the merge. Still, Denise remained, despite attending every single Tribal Council, which is the only time that’s ever happened in franchise history.

Her social game was what kept her afloat, although she did win one Immunity Challenge. Then, won the whole thing by a vote of 6-1-1. Now, she’s going to be the oldest Survivor contestant at 48-years-old on Winners at War. She’s also the oldest female at 41 to win and second-oldest person, after Bob Crowley.

Boston Rob & Amber Mariano ‘Winners at War’ Achievements

Any true Survivor fan knows Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano’s name and that the fandom thinks of him as one of the greats. He competed on 4 seasons: Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains, and Redemption Island, where he finally won the game. Boston Rob is making history with Winners at War becoming the fifth season he’s competed on, which has never been done before. Also, he’s the only Sole Survivor to have married another one.

Amber Mariano, formerly Amber Brkich, made her debut on The Australian Outback. But was voted out in sixth place after her alliance turned on one another. Yet, she was impressive enough to earn a spot on Survivor: All-Stars where she met her now-husband (Boston Rob Mariano) and also won a million dollars.

Survivor: Nick Wilson is the Most Recent Sole Survivor

Nick Wilson may have been the underdog on David vs Goliath, but he made up for it in every way he could. It didn’t matter if it was a social play or an immunity win. Nick managed to do what was necessary, despite becoming a bigger target at the end.

Ultimately, the jurors deemed his gameplay better than the other two sitting with him at the Final Tribal Council. Which made him a million dollars richer and gave him the opportunity the play on the once-in-a-lifetime season 40.

Winners at War will begin on Wednesday, February 12th on CBS.

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