‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Jeff Probst Gives Players Champagne – Is it a ‘Winners at War’ Twist?

Survivor spoilers tease a little toast after the Winners at War legends maroon on the island according to Jeff Probst. Originally, the host said that the little champagne party was going to have a “devilish” aftermath. But then they decided to just celebrate an entire cast of former winners returning for the monumental season. Although that didn’t stop players like Adam Klein and Parvati Shallow from treating it like a trick.

Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Explains Champagne Moment

Typically, something like a champagne toast would be part of a major twist that would shake up the game. This was the initial plan that Survivor: Winners at War production came up with, says host Jeff Probst. “We’ve been planning this marooning for months,” Jeff said about season 40.

“The champagne was originally in there as a misdirect,” Jeff reveals in an Entertainment Weekly interview. “We were going to toast them and celebrate them and then lead them into this devilish idea”. But instead, they decided to just take in the momentous Survivor occasion without including any huge twists.

A Skeptical Parvati Shallow Dumps Her Glass

In the promo where Jeff Probst hands out the glasses of champagne, many of the champions aren’t sure what to do. There’s not a lot of things that happen on Survivor without an ulterior motive and it’s smart to be wary of potential twists. In fact, Jeff said, “as I’m handing it out, they are all looking for the twist”.

Despite being “genuine” he said that “the game is so predictable you can’t trust it”. Which is exactly what Parvati Shallow seemed to think when she dumped her glass out on the beach. Whatever the case, the Survivor: Micronesia winner wasn’t taking any chances.

Survivor Spoilers: Adam Klein Searches For Clues

Another Winners at War contestant that was in game mode during the champagne hand out was Adam Klein. He didn’t win Millenials vs Gen X because he blindly trusted anything others told him. No, Adam relied on his wits and strategic gameplay to pull out the victory.

So, it’s not really shocking that the first thing he does with the glass Jeff Probst gives him is look for a clue. In the short spoiler clip, Adam can be seen looking under his glass, as if there was going to be a hint or reward. It’s that kind of constant vigilance that could earn him two-million dollars.

Winners at War begins on Wednesday, February 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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